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We’re no ordinary digital branding and design agency. At Ultimate, we fuse creativity with clear-headed commercial judgement to develop brands and sophisticated digital solutions which stand out from the crowd, with meaningful and lasting impact. We’ve earned an enviable reputation among some of the UK’s leading brands, for delivering thought provoking, results orientated solutions which resonate strongly with their relevant target audiences.

We pride ourselves in taking an integrated approach across our digital marketing campaigns. Every project is tackled with our trusted five-step approach, ensuring that you remain involved at each stage, aware of all the necessary details. Whatever service you require, you can be assured of a strategic solution which has your goals right at the centre.

Here at Ultimate in Knutsford, strategic thinking is at the heart of everything we do. We provide digital solutions that encompass a campaign as a whole, from initial branding to web development, right down to sales presentation design. We want your audience to be captivated from start to finish, irrespective of what device they’re using. Exemplary user experience is crucial to us. Our creations are responsive, engaging and forward-thinking, just like us.

Chester Zoo: Lanterns Creative Campaign

Chester Zoo: Lanterns Creative Campaign

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Carex: Caring For The Nation

Carex: Caring For The Nation

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Darwin Escapes: The Time Is Coming

Darwin Escapes: ‘The Time Is Coming’ Campaign

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Speedy Freight: Back To Work

Speedy Freight: Back to Work

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We are thorough in our planning, devising solutions to every conceivable outcome

Alongside giving you a strong sense of security and confidence. We devote all of our expertise and insight to each client and website design. We have a strong sense of who you are, where you’re going and how you want to develop your brand and website. Our work is very much a collaboration, with each other and with you.

Our team are passionate, knowledgeable and dynamic individuals who love their jobs and follow all the latest digital developments. We are excited by the unknown and the possibility of new ideas. Our mindset is one of constant innovation, improvement and creativity. We enjoy life and do great work as a result.

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The Rise of the Chat Bot

Customers are demanding exceptional customer service, and that means businesses need to invest in resource. As more people look to social media for answers, it’s critical that replies are dealt with fast. A disgruntled customer can spread the word like wildfire, and many brands have been stung by inattentiveness.

Now, there’s a new team member who can help to provide customer service: an automated, pre-programmed social media assistant. Chat bots are already being deployed for testing and real-life assistance. Maybe you’ve spoken to one already without realising it.

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