Yoomi Branding and Mobile App

Yoomi is a brilliantly simple mobile app that connects employee performance, engagement and wellbeing. Inspired by Team Sky’s passion and commitment to the individual, Yoomi wants to break away from tradition and disrupt the HR industry. This pioneering platform puts emotional wellbeing front and centre and has the potential to transform appraisals forever.

At Ultimate, we were delighted to be asked to name and brand this exciting venture, as well as develop the mobile app itself. In fact, we were so taken by the concept that we’ve adopted the entire Yoomi methodology ourselves!


The Brief

Creating An Intuitive And Engaging Platform For A Mobile Application

For Yoomi, simplicity was to be key. Simple to adopt, simple to use and simple to analyse. Our task was to brand and build a mobile app in which employees could regularly record their emotional well-being, allowing managers to identify any areas of concern. Ultimately, this app needs to transform the dialogue between managers and employees, helping to boost engagement with the company and its vision.

For starters, we needed to come up with a name. To stand out amongst the crowds of other HR platforms, the client wanted something a bit quirkier and less corporate. A name that is unique and memorable but also clearly describes the app’s purpose. There also needed to be a suitable and available website domain.

To make a real difference, Yoomi needs to become part and parcel of the company’s culture. Quick and simple to use, employees and managers alike should be able to recognise and personally connect with the emoticons. Check-in should be intuitive and effortless to navigate.

In order to meet the needs of both large and small businesses, scalability and personalisation were key. The check-in questions needed to be customisable as each company will have their own priorities and aims.

Three Challenges


No Historical Data

It’s always a challenge to conduct usability testing on a brand new product as there is no previous data with which to compare your findings and make judgements.


Using Emoticons Effectively

It is crucial that users can instantly recognise and identify with the emotions on display, with minimal reading time required.


Targeting Multiple Audiences

The Yoomi brand had to appeal to both the end users and the HR managers who will be making the final decision about whether to invest in the platform.

The Solution

Putting Emotion At The Heart Of Employee Relationships

The title might just have given this away, but the client chose ‘Yoomi’ from the list of brand names we suggested. Said out loud, it sounds like a mix of ‘you’ and ‘me’, a reflection of the employee/manager relationship that drives the concept. The rounded nature of the typography ensures that it is easy to read and has a friendly, relaxed vibe. It certainly doesn’t scream typical time-consuming corporate HR platform.

We have created four characters called the “Yoomies” which are emoticons to represent employee emotions, ranging from ‘eh…’ to ‘woohoo!’. Each emoticon has their own colour, based on commonly understood colour psychology e.g. yellow for the happiest emoticon, red for the most distressed.

Our supporting messaging focuses on building good healthy relationships between colleagues. We have used well-known clichés to highlight how professional relationships can need just as much time and effort as personal ones. For example, ‘You get out what you put in’ and ‘Make some more time to talk’.

The design taps into the individual user’s own personal motivations by providing them with a customisable header image within their profile, where they can upload a motivational image.

One of the client’s major target markets is mobile workforces who rely heavily on intranet systems that can be accessed wherever, whenever. By designing the app mobile-first, we ensured that it was easily navigable on smaller touch screens therefore connecting managers and employees irrespective of location.

To encourage employees to use the platform, they will be prompted by notifications to complete their check-in. Users can view their previous responses in both list and graphical formats, allowing them to analyse any particular trends. A relevant manager is prompted to arrange a 1-to1 with an employee should they select a more negative emotion. Employees can leave explanatory comments to guide any follow-up discussion.

“From day one, Ultimate have been completely on board with the whole idea of Yoomi. They took everything that we were thinking and brought it completely to life. It was thrilling to see how Anya (Lead Designer) took our initial concept around emotional wellbeing and gave it clear definition in these four brilliant characters. Her creativity is second to none and the brand design completely surpassed our wildest dreams.”

Claire Owen and Prue Armstrong- Founders and Directors of Yoomi

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