Providing Clarity With An Engaging PowerPoint Presentation

VLS is a trusted provider of risk management services within the asset and consumer finance sector. They offer a complete end to service proposition, which can be white labelled if needed. Maintaining an outstanding level of customer service, VLS will audit, on-board and continuously manage any lending portfolio.

Clearly, this is a highly technical and often complicated industry which uses a lot of niche terminology. As a result, VLS approached Ultimate with a wish to provide clarity regarding their services, processes and unique value proposition. We achieved this through the creation of a high quality PowerPoint presentation.

The Brief

VLS’ main concern when they approached Ultimate was the quality of their communication, particularly when in discussion with clients. Most of their services require a certain degree of explanation so it was hugely important that everyone was on the same page, using similar language and highlighting the same key benefits. In order to introduce such cohesion, VLS asked Ultimate to produce a PowerPoint presentation that would explain every service and provide an associated reason for choosing VLS.

By more effectively communicating their position to both existing and prospective clients, VLS ultimately hoped to win new business. If clients actually understand what it is that VLS can offer them and why they can’t get it elsewhere, they are far more likely to consider working with them. With existing clients in particular, the focus needed to be on demonstrating how VLS’ other services could add further value to their current arrangement.

Three Challenges


A Modern Approach

VLS’ previous presentation lived up to the infamous ‘Death by PowerPoint’ title. The styling was dated and it was too heavily reliant on text. It did not reflect the professionalism or position of the company.


Improving Internal Understanding

VLS team members struggled to clearly communicate their various service offering. We needed to clearly articulate the process of engagement and demonstrate how a client could move forward.


Introducing Simpler Language

Most of the team delivering the actual services are experts in their field and easily understand technical language. However, not all clients have this level of knowledge so services needed to be articulated in a more understandable manner.

The Solution

The key to producing a first-rate presentation for VLS was perfecting the explanation and narrative. To do this, we conducted a messaging workshop during which we worked collaboratively to define VLS’ value proposition. A value proposition is a statement which explains why a customer would need and benefit from your product/service and why they should use your solution over a competitor’s.

We also worked to gain a general understanding of their various services. Simply put, if we, as non-technical outsiders, could understand the message being conveyed, so would their clients. To confirm that we were correct in our understanding, Ultimate then produced a report outlining our definitions of VLS’ services and the associated advantages of using their expertise to add value.

With the report approved, we worked with the design team to visualise these statements into a concise and compelling PowerPoint presentation that the VLS team could then use to deliver consistent performances. With our presentation as a base, individuals are now far less likely to struggle with articulating the company’s offerings, especially when faced with less knowledgeable clients. To bolster their confidence further, we organised a 1 day masterclass to run through all the slides, practice using the navigation and fine tune the delivery.

“For the first time at VLS, we are in a position to clearly articulate our service offering and proposition to our clients, with the benefit of an effective PowerPoint presentation.”

Louise Ikonomides

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