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Every year in the UK, more than 1m cars and vans chug their final miles and are no longer of use to their owners. However, it’s not the end of the road for these vehicles, as they can be broken down and their component parts reused or recycled.

Rewarding Recycling, the UK’s leading end-of-life car recycling providers, makes this process ultra-easy. We worked with Rewarding Recycling to create a sophisticated e-Commerce website aimed at people who were looking to sell their car for scrap.

The Brief

Simplicity - The John Lewis approach

From the outset of the project the client wanted to achieve the ‘John lewis’ style of brand and website – stylish, upmarket and oozes quality.

The scrap metal industry has somewhat of a dirty image, one of the biggest challenges was to establish a brand that puts consumers minds at rest, that they were dealing with a reputable and environmentally responsible company.

The website has multiple target audiences, and needed to contain multiple interfaces in the back end at the same time as integrate with multiple online platforms such as DVLA, Car Web and online payment systems alike.

Three Challenges


Intuitive Design

Consumer orientated design and user interface for improved navigation and optimised conversion rate


API Integration

Integration with DVLA and Carweb web portals for real time information and live pricing


Bespoke Functionality

Fully automated invoicing system with bespoke logistics management system and separate car dealership web module

The Solution

Sophisticated digital solution

“The beauty of the Rewarding Recycling website is its simplicity,” says our MD Jon Walker.

“The consumer is only interested in getting the highest price for their old car, so we needed to find a way to create accurate quotes in as few steps as possible.

“The devil, as always, is in the detail, and we had a very intense planning stage while we thought through the user journey very carefully, and tested our methods along the way.”

“We commissioned Ultimate to design and develop a new version of the Rewarding Recycling website. Since the launch of the new e-commerce platform we have seen our daily bookings increase by 242%! This is largely down to the new and improved user interface created by Ultimate, which has allowed visitors to easily navigate the system and recycle their vehicles effortlessly.

"Since the launch of the new system it has allowed our contracted vehicle manufacturers to demonstrate to the UK Government and European commission a more streamlined interaction with the last owner, and fully auditable approach to compliance with the End of Life vehicle Regulations 2005. The innovative implementation style at Ultimate has seen obvious benefit to all parties, and enabled our Contracted Vehicle manufacturers to remain ahead of legislation changes, the most recent being the “Cash ban on Scrap cars”.

The new platform integrates with the back office systems of many of our contracted partners allowing the nationwide network of showrooms and collection agents a user friendly platform to ensure a smooth and documented transition for all concerned. The Website was a first for the industry, to deploy a 100% cashless and fully traceable payment method, 12 months in advance of the cash ban being implemented

Mark Exton - Technical Director

The Results

200% Increase in Conversions allows car owners to get an instant online quote for the scrap value of their vehicle, and to arrange drop-off or collection at a time and place convenient to them. Furthermore, the website has been distributed to hundreds of major car dealerships which use Rewarding Recycling when clients wish to trade in a car which is no longer of use.

The site comprises:

  • Consumer orientated design and user interface.
  • Fully optimised using the best on page SEO techniques.
  • E-commerce checkout facility for consumers.
  • Integration with DVLA + Carweb web portals for live information.
  • Fully automated invoicing system.
  • Bespoke logistics management system.
  • Separate car dealership web module.
  • Collection agents management system.

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The Facts & Figures


Increase in website conversions since the launch of the site


vehicles are scrapped a day through the website


The site generates £3m online revenue per year

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