As the UK’s leading Microsoft Dynamics Partner, QuantiQ are a fast-growing B2B company in an incredibly competitive marketplace. Uniquely within the UK, they can sell, implement and support Microsoft products across cloud, hybrid and on-premise environments. QuantiQ can advise on the most suitable intelligence system for your company, helping to drive efficiency and profitability. Competing against the likes of Microsoft themself, QuantiQ needed a finely honed keyword strategy supported by quality content and technical SEO work to ensure that they achieve their ambitious growth plans.


The Challenge

Looking for flexibility in a digital marketing campaign


When QuantiQ initially asked Ultimate to build a brand new, sleek looking and intuitive website, they already had an SEO campaign in place. During the website project, QuantiQ were looking to ensure that the site adhered to their SEO strategy and best practice and looked to us for advice. The main priority is to improve the quality of the traffic they were receiving, attracting people who are genuinely interested in their product and service range as opposed to general Microsoft queries.

QuantiQ’s search term strategy posed a rare challenge in that its product offering evolves as technology moves on. In addition, the terminology Microsoft uses to describe the products is constantly changing. Any keyword strategy needed to be flexible enough to accommodate such changes whilst also delivering a consistent message. The website content and navigation also needed to be responsive to these changes, along with any new content that may need publishing.

At the start of the project, a key priority for QuantiQ was identifying those companies which continue to use Microsoft systems for which Microsoft/QuantiQ are unable to provide ongoing support. Clearly, these are prime targets for QuantiQ to go in and present alternative Microsoft solutions. Any content written around these sun-setted products, whether blogs or web landing pages, needs to encourage the visitor to want to learn more about the new and/or different Microsoft solutions available.

QuantiQ operates within a highly competitive marketplace, fighting for page rankings with other well established companies including Microsoft themselves. With only a small internal marketing team, Ultimate were perfectly placed to assist QuantiQ in their objective to achieve high visibility in Google to gain the best quality traffic for their target audience.

The Strategy

Using SEO optimisation to target crucial keywords and maintaining a close eye on the market


Our on-going SEO campaign for QuantiQ is driven by a strategic and extensively researched keyword strategy. We narrowed down the pre-existing keyword range in order to achieve the best possible results from within the available budget. This keyword strategy is then frequently re-examined to establish whether or not all the keywords are still fit for purpose and remain relevant with Microsoft terminology.

Microsoft and QuantiQ regularly launch new products and we needed to actively respond. This involves the creation of new landing pages, which are supported by relevant newsworthy content. A landing page improves the chances of that specific product ranking highly on Google as we have demonstrated that there is high quality content on the site which can answer the user’s query, better than the competition’s.

To support the keyword strategy and ensure that QuantiQ maintains its high-ranking position, we have produced regular blog content to ensure the consistent feed of good quality and relevant content onto the site. By using the long tail keywords generated from the likes of Google Keyword Planner and Answer The Public, we try to ensure that these blogs are pertinent to real user queries. Written in accordance with SEO best practice techniques, they reflect QuantiQ’s considerable authority within this market and encourage companies to investigate further.

All our work is done in close collaboration with Chloe Harris, Digital Marketing Executive at QuantiQ. With her industry knowledge, she is able to ensure that the keyword strategy remains in line with industry terminology. We love working with clients in this way as it helps us secure the best results possible.

The Facts & Figures


Percentage of focus keywords on the first page of Google


Increase in overall traffic year on year from the start of the campaign


Increase in organic traffic year on year from the start of the campaign

“In the course of this campaign, enquiries through the website have risen by over 200% year on year. That has been hugely beneficial to QuantiQ as we seek to expand our client base and maintain our position as the UK’s foremost Microsoft Dynamics Partner. The work of Ultimate has been crucial to this success.”- Candice, Chief Marketing Officer

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