Plastic Card Services Product Branding

Plastic Card Services (PCS) are one of the UK’s market leaders in plastic card manufacturing. Renowned for their quality, they offer the very best in plastic card and associated services, suitable for every sector. If you reach into your wallet or purse, there is a good chance that PCS made 70% of those cards. Examples would include loyalty cards, hotel key cards, reward cards, gym cards and all their associated variations e.g. chips, magnetic chips and bar codes.

The Brief

Targeting Product Branding To A New Audience

Up until recently, PCS have primarily catered to larger organisations who require a minimum of 3000 cards each time they order. A significant new acquisition has changed that. The company has now invested in a new digital press and software package. This means PCS can now competitively offer plastic card printing services to any business requiring a smaller quantity of plastic cards, from 50 to 5000 cards. This exciting new service will be offered completely online, using a ‘web to print service’, which will allow customers to design their own artwork using various card formats.

With a new product offering comes a new target market. Whereas previously PCS focussed on targeting high quantity clients, the new service will open them up to smaller, more boutique shops. These shops often demonstrate a need for seasonal loyalty cards and gift cards.

Although PCS’ new service was clearly defined, with the necessary technology and strategy in place, it remained without a name. Ultimate were thus challenged with the task of providing a list of suggestions, which would then inform the product branding. Any name that we put forward needed to sit comfortably alongside the company name (Plastic Card Services) and make clear the purpose of the new service.

Three Challenges


Perfect Brand Positioning

Developing a new product branding which positions this service as being easy to use, friendly and automated. It needed to convey credibility, feel inviting and ensure that there was the synergy with Plastic Card Services.


Streamlining The User Journey

Simplicity was key to the success of this service, and so we immersed ourselves in analysing, testing and reviewing the user journey and user experience throughout our process.


Integrating With 3rd Party Software

To collaborate with a 3rd party software company and supply them with finalised templates which convey the new brand style.

The Solution

Product Branding That Connects And Communicates

Plastic Card Hub’ was soon born. We presented our client with a selection of carefully chosen name options, all with supported reasoning. but ‘Plastic Card Hub’ was a firm winner with the company board.

Prior to beginning our creative work, we completed a UI and UX exercise on the new web to print platform, called ‘Infigo’. The client had been clear from the outset that this was to be a flexible, easy to navigate service. By conducting our own testing, we were able to provide them with valuable insight into the user journey and highlight where improvements could be made.  

Testing complete, our wonderful design team presented PCS with two brand concepts, along with the brand vision, brand mission, brand guidelines, brand essence and brand values. The concept which was then chosen honed in on the ‘Hub’ component of the brand name, focusing on converging arrows moving towards a centre point, conveying the ‘Hub’. Creating this focus allowed us to produce brand statements that showcase the values that truly encapsulate the business. We used wordplay based on products Plastic Card Hub stock, coupled with a conversational tone that connects with the customer and conveys the friendly and engaging tone that we are trying to achieve with this brand.

Our creative work will be used throughout the new website as well as on all marketing material. This includes direct mail to their existing database, re-marketing banners, Facebook adverts and offline print. 


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