Omni Brand, Website & Interior Design

Omni RMS are one the countries leading RPO recruitment providers. Omni have a flair for doing things differently often referred too as a truly innovative and collaborative company.

The Brief

Showcase Innovation and creative flair

One of the challenges with the Brand and website project initially was the industry – Recruitment. Companies within this industry through no fault of their own, all look bland and tend to sound the same. So the challenge was how to say the say the same things, but in a more engaging, inspiring and informal manner but at the same time remaining professional.

Omni themselves were considered to be an extremely innovative and creative company, as they forged themselves a niche within the recruitment industry with their marketing leading RPO services. Their logo, website and overall brand sadly did not live up to that image.

Ultimate were tasked to make Omni stand out from the crowd, be unique and showcase the personality and creativity that was in such abundance within the team at Omni.



Three Challenges


Demonstrate personality

In a professional services industry, Omni needed to so appear innovative and creative, yet remain professional.


e-Commerce functionality

The website needed to feature a fully editable events booking system, managed via the CMS.


Full responsive website

With the increase in traffic number, Omni's website needed to cater for the ever growing mobile and tablet audiences.

The Solution

'Talent is Everything'

Ultimate created a vivid brand-mark that featured a uniquely stylised ‘O’ that is purely distinctive to Omni. It has a human feel, bursting with personality but is balanced by a connection to the previous corporate colour palette.

‘Talent is everything’ this is the key message in everything Omni do; they source talented people and offer those people new career opportunities. So it’s the area that took our complete focus, in fact at Ultimate we created a whole world of ‘talent’

A unique series of graphics were created to convey the world of talent and were rolled out through a responsive website which is a blend of innovative features and clever technology and means the Omni website is scalable and can be accessed on any platform, anywhere. Within the website is animated video to clearly communicate the Omni offering in a memorable and highly creative way.

Corporate literature and large format graphics were created to underpin the brand adding dramatic impact at Omni’s offices the moment you walk through the door. This had a hugely positive impact on Omni staff as it brought to life their place of work and improved the work culture.


The Results

Style with substance

The result has been that the already successful Omni name is now supported by a strong brand identity and is a force to be reckoned with in this competitive sector. The brand makes people smile, it’s engaging and memorable and the newly developed personable tone meant Omni is communicating with ‘people’ the heart of their business in a fresh and engaging way. Why wouldn’t they…there a talented bunch!

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The Facts & Figures


A thirty percent reduction in the websites bounce rate.


Over fifty events booked each year via the website


Ten percent of turnover booked via the website

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