Manchester Plastic Surgery Rebranding

Manchester Plastic Surgery (MPS) is a renowned private cosmetic surgery, located at The Spire Hospital. Founded by leading plastic surgeon Mr James Murphy, it is a well-established practice that seeks to provide clients with that all important personal touch. Using only state-of-the-art equipment and facilities, they offer a wide range of cosmetic surgeries.  As their reputation and practice continues to grow, MPS wished to ensure that their branding continued to reflect who they are and the level of service they provide. We helped with the crucial rebranding process.

The Brief

Rebranding To Address The Target Audience

For Manchester Plastic Surgery the main purpose of the rebranding was to introduce the sense of it becoming a larger practice but without compromising on the all-important personal touch. Even though the team is currently expanding to welcome other leading surgeons, including facial surgery specialist Adam Goodwin, clients should still feel that they are receiving the best care available.

To achieve this, the tone of voice was going to be crucial. To successfully position the brand, Ultimate needed to convey that MPS are at the cutting edge of cosmetic surgery. With years of expertise and experience behind them, the surgeons will still take the time to engage with their client on a personal level. This is a premium brand both in regards to expense and quality of care. MPS have gone beyond the necessary to create a space that is reassuring, relaxing and respectful. Most importantly, we needed to emphasise that MPS is a brand and a team of people that you can trust with one of the biggest decisions of your life.

Looking at the existing brand, MPS didn’t feel that the target audience truly connected to any element. Subsequently, they wanted a complete refresh. With this concern in mind, we recommended that Ultimate undertake a piece of user experience testing prior to our creative work. We wanted to ensure that the target audience were the top priority throughout the project.

With a new brand agreed upon, Ultimate were also tasked with developing a new website. A significant number of the site’s enquiries visit the site prior to getting in touch and so it needed to be as enticing and informative as possible. It needed to reflect the luxury feel of the new brand instead of trying to compete with other surgical sites which promote a low cost, high volume model. All the content on the existing website needed to be completely rewritten in order to match the newly developed brand tone of voice.

Three Challenges


Appealing To Several Audiences

MPS has a real mix of clients- male and female, young and old, informed and uninformed. The rebranding needed to engage with them all.


Perfect Tone of Voice

MPS’ messaging needed to reflect the high quality personal service it offers without glazing over the more serious aspects of surgery. It needed to showcase their level of expertise and give a compelling reason for clients to trust them.


Stunning Engaging Website

The website is a major marketing tool and so it had to be informative and provide irresistible calls to actions. Striking imagery needed to be central to the final design.

The Solution

User Experience Informed Brand and Website Design

Right from the start of this project we knew that no element of the old brand needed to be retained, so we had a lot of freedom. However, we were still keen to ensure that all our designs were grounded in the needs and requirements of the target audiences. Obviously, we needed to establish what exactly those requirements were, particularly anything around how they browse the internet. To do this, we completed a piece of user experience testing.

Having identified two women that perfectly fit the audience profiles provided by the client, we invited them in to browse the website. Each lady was given a script outlining a set of tasks that we wanted them to complete on the website. For example, can you find information on rhinoplasty? We filmed both their onsite movements and facial expressions as they worked their way through the tasks.

When we later watched these videos back, we were able to clearly identify points of frustration or confusion. We were also able to note the questions that they were asking of the site, such as ‘How long will I have to take off work?’ and ‘When can I go back to the gym?’ The price of individual treatments was also hugely important to them. These individual pain points were then grouped into categories and used to inform our website design. For example, the aforementioned questions led us to create an informative infographic about the dos and don’ts of plastic surgery.

Our user experience also highlighted that the target audience would want to browse the MPS website on their mobile phones. Subsequently we ensured that the whole site was mobile responsive and easy to navigate as part of the rebranding. We wanted them to find the information they were interested in as easily as possible, so everything related to one individual treatment was placed on a single page.

Away from the website we also designed a stunning pocket folder that MPS could use to provide clients with all the necessary information at the start of the consultation process.

"Everyone at Manchester Plastic Surgery is thrilled with the rebrand and new website. We now have a brand that truly conveys the high quality service we provide, led by our world-renowned surgeons. I’m really looking forward to working with Ultimate on future projects, as we look to further build on our reputation."

Mr James Murphy

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