CRJ Services

An integrated digital marketing campaign

CRJ Services is a leading supplier for the management and hire of mobile recycling equipment, operating nationwide in the UK. CRJ help business avoid sending their waste to landfills by providing machines that shred, screen and sort materials.

CRJ have been operating for over 15 years, and have had a fantastic working relationship with Ultimate for over 5 years.

The Challenge

More Visibility, More Enquiries

With demand growing in such a competitive market, CRJ asked Ultimate to help increase their exposure online, and help to improve the quality of the business leads that are coming through the site.

Search engine optimisation (SEO) has already taken place on the site and there was an existing paid advertising (PPC) campaign in place.

The CRJ brand is incredibly well recognised and strong in the industry, especially in having certain members of the team well recognised for their expertise in the field. This means that any brand building must be of the highest quality, to ensure that CRJ remain positioned as market leaders.


The Strategy

Analyse, Evaluate and Improve

With previous SEO activity having already taken place we underwent a revision of the existing strategy and an overhaul of the activity already being taken place. This was a gradual process.

With any digital marketing campaign it is crucial to evaluate the impact that any work has, whether it be a piece of content that has been created right through to the quality and context of a backlink that has been acquired.

Being leaders in the recycling machine hire market, CRJ’s SEO campaign focuses around building their exposure for generic, researchers phrases, whereby the audience may not have a preferred machine or brand in mind and thus uses broader, more generic terms in search.

We then built more specific service-related strategies upon the most relevant pages in the website. This more refined strategy attracts a narrower volume of search however the quality of the traffic is much higher, and what we refer to as “buyers” keywords, as the search intent is much more specific.

Our Google AdWords campaign started with a full analysis of the existing data within the account. Having targeted broad terms historically, our focus quickly honed in on the service and product specific terms for us to gain:

  • Better quality traffic
  • More conversions
  • Better return on investment

We actively manage our PPC campaigns to ensure that every keyword within the account is doing the best job that it can.

Implementing a strategic negative keyword campaign, throughout the account, funnels traffic to only the most relevant paid adverts. This is a technique we implement from the very start of a campaign and pro-actively manage and add to throughout the life of the account.

The Facts & Figures


The site has received a 62% increase in traffic in Q1 year on year.


The campaign has driven an increase of over 41% new users.


The average time spent on the website has improved by over 11%. Meaning we are driving better quality traffic to the most relevant pages on the website.

“We have consistently been impressed with the work that Ultimate produce, from the website design and development through to the on-going SEO and PPC. We have regular calls and meetings, and the team are always looking at new and innovative ways to ensure we stay ahead of the game.”

Ali Wennell, CRJ Business Manager

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