Raising awareness through a digital marketing campaign

A real life ‘Phil and Kirstie’, County Homesearch are property finding experts who operate right across the UK. Each property finder has years of experience in, and in depth knowledge of, their specific region. They will visit numerous potential properties on your behalf, providing a full report and even photography and video. To aid you even further, they can handle those all important price negotiations, ensuring that you get the best deal possible.

The Challenge

Resolving Technical Problems and Educating The Audience

With County Homesearch, our primary challenge was overcoming a significant blip in SEO performance towards the start of the partnership. At Ultimate, we run weekly checks on all our SEO clients to ensure that everything is moving in the right direction. They are a brilliant means of identifying areas of weakness as well as highlighting keywords that are moving up the rankings.  At the end of the month, all this information is distilled, analysed and clearly laid out in a report for the client. Should they have any queries, we are then able to talk them through the document.

Thanks to this thorough and detailed process we were immediately able to identify an issue with the County Homesearch on-site SEO when it arose. We swiftly conducted an in-depth analysis of the website, including the more technical elements. From this we concluded that the SEO issue originated from a previous agency and took steps of our own to resolve the matter. Throughout this entire process we were in regular contact with the client, keeping them informed of our progress and next steps. Issue resolved, we were able to crack with optimising the rest of the website in line with SEO best practice. Slowly but surely the rankings have returned and County Homesearch is once again appearing on the first page of Google for several keywords.

Aside from this specific technical issue, the wider challenge of the County Homesearch project was simply making people aware that their services exist. Very few people are aware that you don’t need to go on ‘Location, Location, Location’ or ‘Escape to the Country’ in order to have someone help find you a house. Our digital marketing solutions needed to help educate the audience on the services that County Homesearch can provide, as well as encourage them to get in touch.

The Strategy

Using SEO optimisation to target crucial keywords

For any SEO strategy one of the first tasks is always to complete a keyword research piece. This analysis identifies what keywords users are searching for in order to find a particular website. These are the phrases that Ultimate then targets during a digital marketing campaign. Commonly, the analysis will throw up a mixture of short keywords and longer phrases, known as long-tail keywords. The latter type is more specific and thus generally easier to rank for.

With the keywords established, we were then able to conduct on-page optimisation of the County Homesearch website. This ensures that each individual page is clearly focused on one keyword, for example a particular service. As a result, that page is far more likely to rank well. This process involved adding pages, re-writing copy and tweaking technical elements of the website.

The keyword research also formed the basis of our SEO focused blogs. Written using SEO best practice techniques, these blogs address queries that a potential client might have when they visit the site. From describing the work of a property finder to advising on letting contracts, we aim to be a helpful voice to anyone considering using a buying agent. In the months ahead we plan to diversify these blogs further to provide useful information on specific local areas.

We constantly review the site for opportunities for optimisation. As a Google partner, we consider it our duty to always push ourselves to learn more about Google’s latest updates and strategy changes. This ensures that all our clients stay one step ahead of the competition.

The Facts & Figures


Growth in organic traffic


Reduction in exit rate


Percentage of traffic from PPC

“After just a few weeks of working with the Ultimate team it was clear that they had completely grasped the niche nature of what we do and the global audiences we need to reach with our website and digital marketing campaigns. More importantly, the first six months of our partnership saw potential client enquiries double compared to the same time last year.”- Lisa Green, Director

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