Clyde Munro – A New Name, Branding, and Website

We are incredibly proud to announce the launch of one of our latest branding and website projects, Clyde Munro.

Clyde Munro are a Scottish dental group and provide dental practices across Scotland, which they plan to grow and expand significantly over the next couple of years, taking on new and existing dental practices to alleviate many of the management pressures for dental practice owners and help improve services to patients.

The Brief

Ultimate were asked to create a new company name for the group; a market-leading brand along with guidelines for their marketing messages and positioning; and a slick yet approachable website that can scale in size as the company grows and takes on more practices.

It was key to consider both target markets, that of patients looking to either get in touch with their practice, or look to register for a new practice, and also for other dental practices looking for more information to become part of the group. Creating a theme that was approachable for both audiences was crucial, to ensure that all relevant information had its place.

Three Challenges


Find a Name

A name and brand to evoke the Scottish routes and culture.


Scalable Website Design

To build a scalable website that is both easy to navigate by patients while also providing information for existing practices. Taking into consideration the intended growth and scale of practices was crucial, the user would need to be able to search for their nearest practice by postcode as well as treatment type.


Easy to use

An easy to manage website platform, allowing the navigation to grow elegantly as the company grows and more practices are added, along with an easy to use and modern CMS.

The Solution

Trusted to keep Scotland smiling

The name of the company in particular was a tough cookie to crack to make sure that we found something memorable, and that had meaning while remaining approachable and friendly.

Taking inspiration from the legendary Munro mountain range, Ultimate hit the mark with help from our client Jim Hall, a Scotsman himself, who was very keen to be involved throughout, making such a positive difference to the outcome of the overall project. The new name for the group ‘Clyde Munro’ is supported through the use of the stunning landscape in Scotland which is encapsulated in the logo icon reflecting the infamous range, together with the photography and images throughout the website, the brand promotes patriotism, culture and the heritage of the country.

The website has an elegant, yet fun and vibrant look and feel. With a colourful palette, and a wealth of resourceful information, the site acts to create ‘micro-sites’ for each practice to quickly and clearly show the individual practice’s contact details, staff members and list of treatments available. This allows for simple management, while the individual treatment pages can be updated efficiently as and when new services become available.

The Results

Following four months of creativity, technical wizardry and a couple of great trips up to Glasgow we launched on schedule and ahead of The Scottish Dental Show on 13th May 2016.  The site includes the following features:-

  • A contemporary brand with a fresh and modern approach to the industry
  • A clear navigation structure, allowing a straight forward method to find a new practice by location
  • Fully responsive design
  • Custom map feature to find your nearest practice with ease
  • Individual practice areas with information about location, team pages and treatments offered
  • Editable offers area
  • Recruitment online application forms
  • Family Zone – a blog feature to encourage families to find out about offers/tips/opening hours

Throughout the website design and development process, Ultimate ensure that each page’s structure followed best practice for search engine optimisation. The design elegantly caters for content throughout the entire website, and the structure of the pages themselves ensures that Google can find each page quickly and efficiently.

Ultimate worked very closely with the client’s copywriter also to ensure that the content is of the best quality for the site, checking everything is unique, relevant for the topic of the page and is structured well within the whole site.

Together with the website, Ultimate also produced a range of off line material, including stationery, PowerPoint slides and brochure material.


“Right from the start Ultimate understood the importance of ensuring the brand connected with our patients and our practices. Our Scottish heritage comes through not only in the name and messaging, but in the design styling throughout the website. The project ran entirely smoothly, and regular meetings both in Scotland and Cheshire ensured that everyone was clear, involved and happy with everything at every stage.” 

Jim Hall, Clyde Munro CEO


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