Bents Garden and Home Creative Campaign

Bents Garden and Home are renowned for their seasonal activity throughout the store. Their loyal cliental look forward to seeing the regular transformation of the products and displays and will often make a special effort to visit and explore the ever-changing store.

We were delighted to have the opportunity to work with them to deliver an engaging, memorable and refreshing creative campaign that covered both the summer and autumn season.

The Brief

A Creative Campaign For Multiple Seasons

2017 was a landmark year for the family owned business who pride themselves on their passion, experience and understanding of exclusive living. Bents have been happily celebrating their 80th year whilst keenly looking forward to the future. Over the next few years they will be working towards the next stage in the journey; a fantastic new entrance which will provide a new focal point with more retail, leisure and educational space. Given the significance of 2017 for Bents, we needed to be consciously aware of their focus on heritage.

Our brief was to develop a creative campaign which would run throughout the store, online and on print. The campaign had to have flexibility to promote their multiple products and zones throughout the store which consist of;

  • Home
  • Garden
  • Life
  • Food

Bents don’t produce a distinct Autumn campaign so our work needed to evolve as part of the transition from Autumn. It also needed to appeal to a number of different target audiences, including Experience Seekers and Local Affluent people.

All our communications needed to stick closely to Bents’ established tone of voice. Friendly and inspiring, Bents is also an authority within the sector. Its staff are experts within their field, are highly trained and always willing to talk to customers and give them horticultural advice. Everything is high quality and people are willing to pay that added premium to buy local.

Three Challenges


Addressing Multiple Target Audiences

Different groups of people visit Bents with different expectations and aims. Our creative campaign had to speak to each of their desires.


Grabbing And Holding Audience Attention

Our designs would be hung as signage throughout the store so it was crucial that they were noticeable. Spectacular typography was the answer.


Transitioning Across The Seasons

Any design style we proposed needed to work equally well for both summer and autumn. Colours and images could change but not the base creative concept.

The Solution

One Creative Campaign, Two Distinct Interpretations

Every project of this nature begins with a workshop to help establish and further define the brief from the client. At this workshop we talked in great detail about how the buyers at Bents envisaged the summer season, the product range, the colours and the general in-store theme. Given that this creative campaign ultimately needed to sell seasonal products, we were keen to ensure that we were promoting their most prominent products.

As always, each designer was provided with the exact same brief but they produced very different creative design concepts. Anya developed a campaign that stayed incredibly true to the brief, using their suggested colour palette, theme style and tone. Softer in style, it clearly evoked Bents’ heritage and emphasised the romantic aspect of gardening.  Scott took a different route, opting to use bold colours and eye-catching lead images. We were extremely excited to present both concepts back to the client, and were keen to see which interpretation they preferred.

The vote was unanimous from the marketing and buying team. They loved the boldness of Scott’s creative campaign, particularly his choice of vibrant colours and distinctive typography. The design is characterised by the use of a single image bisected down the middle. Accompanying text then follows the missing image’s outline.

‘Summer Moments’ marked the start of what we all hope is going to be a season of warm weather with long fun-filled days, transitioning into a cosy autumn. To see the display graphics in all their glory, head over to Bents Garden and Home before the end of 2017!

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