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Today, Amy from Ultimate presented her top 10 marketing tips at the ASK Conference for Cheshire East CVS and they went down a storm, helping local businesses understand how to improve their marketing quickly and effectively.

Have a sneaky peak yourself and see how they could help your business:

1. Write a marketing plan

This is the foundation to ensuring marketing success!

2. Agree a budget

Once you have your annual budget in place, start to prioritise your spend.

3. Make use of Social Media

It’s FREE! And powerful! Get some advice on it – then get cracking! Target specific followers, answer people’s questions, start conversations and share advice and resources so that people will share your profile and keep coming back for more!

4. Get out there

Get networking! Join forces with other organisations that have similar purposes or complementary services. Joint events and networking makes use of other peoples’ contacts and benefits both!

5. Measure your success

Key to improving is to identify what you are doing right and areas you need to improve on.

6. Communicate

Talk to your customers – always ask for feedback and accept good or constructive feedback. Clear messaging should be of utmost importance. Simplify all your messaging so that everyone can understand!

7. Strapline

This is a bit ‘back to basics’ but never the less, essential. Straplines state the purpose of the organisation in a succinct way, communicating a simple and immediate message. All organisations should have one!

8. Website/Blogging

A website is like a shop window for your organisation and although initially expensive, it is the first point of reference for your target market. Use it to share resources and information, advice and guidance, showcase your organisation, its activities and its accomplishments! Shout about what you’ve achieved and let people know that by helping they’re making a huge difference. A blog is also good for these things, whether or not you have a website, as it allows people an insight into your organisation and they feel part of a team!

9. Content Management System

Get a flexible Content Management System installed on your website. It may be an initial spend, but you need to be in control of your own site. Adding content and changing information with immediacy is essential, there is no place for waiting around while your agency adds it to their to do list, then charges you for every update. Your site needs to be current and regularly updated.

10. Brand: Get your ship in order

If you have an inconsistent brand, your audience will get confused and unfamiliar with your organisation. Get all your marketing literature, put them on the board room table and ask yourself –  are they consistent, do they tell the same story? It shouldn’t cost much to do this properly so don’t cut corners!

Want to find out more? Then why not pencil us in!

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