The Revive or Dive Problem

How do we keep in step with our audience, by shedding one skin and growing another in an attempt to revitalise ourselves?
It is not always obvious when your company needs to revive its identity or tone of voice.

A refresh that follows an industry trend will create attention in the short term, but is often seen as an aberration of longevity that could confuse your consumer base. See the Classic-Logos-Coca-Cola vs Pepsi image below.


So the time has come, a forward thinking company has come to the realisation that they are ripe for re-appraisal, a creative agency is given the chance to challenge their perceived in-house wisdom. It is without doubt the most interesting identity brief there is. Believe it or not, this does not start with a new logo… this could be that last item on the hit list, this is your mark.

The identity could be refreshed around this fixture, your brand is built around the various media and communications focused towards your clear target audience – their lifestyle/industry will only be open to their interests, this is where we find your ‘tone of voice’.

The ‘tone of voice’ is a collective of all visual and editorial communications – your attitude, your style. When you have you own voice your have your own opinion, you can stand out from the crowd and speak to your audience.

Ultimate Creative Communications develops identities that truly represent what your business stands for. We can start from scratch or update an existing identity to respond to more subtle developments in your organisation. – Get In touch to see what your voice sounds like.

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