Social Butterfly

Ultimate has transformed into quite the socialite, taking the social media world by storm. Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, BEBO, MySpace..(the list goes on) but what will be the next platform to sweep us off our feet?

Following the explosion of social media, Ultimate has  ventured on to the social network internet super highway and WOW have our creative minds have been busy trying to get to grips with #hash tags, @mentions and tagging. But amongst the confusion, we have discovered the joys and triumphs of Twitter and the increasing advantages it has for spreading the word about our business and more importantly our work, on a day to day basis. For some it is the Marmite of the social networks– you either love it or you hate it. Like Bambi we are still finding our feet but certainly we won’t take a step back. We are embracing what we preach and showing our clients it’s not as hard as it seems – let’s just hope we’re doing it right hey?!

Written By: Jon Walker on the

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