Yoomi Branding, App Development and Website

Putting the individual first in the appraisal process

Yoomi is a brilliantly simple app that is the first of its kind, connecting employee performance, engagement and wellbeing.

We’ve all seen Dave Brailsford of Team Sky’s impassioned speeches about ‘marginal gains’ and how he transformed the whole team’s mindset. Well, Yoomi’s founders Claire Owen and Prue Armstrong were inspired by this passion and commitment to the individual.

Yoomi strove to break away from tradition and shake up the HR industry using their pioneering platform to put the individual first. With Yoomi, emotional wellbeing is at the front and centre. Fundamentally this approach has the potential to transform appraisals forever.

Ultimate were appointed to name and brand this exciting venture, and develop the innovative Yoomi app. From there, the team created the perfect platform to promote Yoomi by building a brand new website. On top of this, Ultimate provided SEO consultancy from the offset in order to drive traffic to the site.

Creating an intuitive and engaging platform for a mobile application

Yoomi needed to provide the opposite of regular appraisal processes by being simple to adopt, simple to use and simple to analyse. Yoomi is all about turning the norm on its head.

Our task was to build an app with which employees could regularly record their emotional well-being at a certain point, enabling managers to identify any areas of concern in real-time and prompt them to setup a meeting. In order to meet the needs of both large and small businesses, scalability and personalisation were key.

Putting emotion at the heart of employee relationships

Yoomi… ‘you’ and ‘me’, is a name that perfectly encapsulates people working together. The rounded nature of the typography ensures that the name is easy to read and more importantly has a friendly and relaxed vibe unlike other drab HR platforms in the market.

The “Yoomies” that our design team created are characters representing different employee emotions, each with a distinct colour based on commonly understood colour psychology e.g. yellow for the happiest emoticon, red for the most distressed. Users are also able to select a profile picture which is featured when managers review employee responses, making the whole process more personalised and focused on the individual.

By designing the app mobile-first, we ensured that it worked perfectly on smaller touch screens therefore connecting managers and employees irrespective of location – perfect for mobile workforces.

To encourage both employees and managers to use the platform, they are prompted by notifications. Managers are able to view employees real-time responses in both in a list and graph format, allowing them to analyse any particular trends.

Making a big noise about a unique product online

Ultimate designed and built a brand new website to promote the Yoomi app and differentiate it from other corporate HR platforms with no focus on the emotional wellbeing of employees. Visitors to the site needed to be given a flavour of the product without giving too much away,  stimulating them to book a demo. Using clever animation our team brought the website to life.

Ultimate’s digital marketing team created a marketing persona to define Yoomi’s ideal client, how they may look for a tool to boost engagement and what sources influence them. Having the digital marketing team involved from the offset was invaluable, as it enabled the development team to build a site that would attract Yoomi’s potential clients.

The Ultimate team understood what Yoomi was all about from the very beginning, which is reflected not just in creative but throughout the whole campaign, quite an accomplishment. It was thrilling to see how Anya (Lead Designer) took our initial concept around emotional wellbeing and gave it clear definition in these four brilliant characters. The brand design completely surpassed our wildest dreams and the website has a fresh, unique look which is the perfect platform for promoting Yoomi.

Claire Owen and Prue Armstrong- Founders and Directors of Yoomi.