Speedy Freight Brand and Website

The Challenge: 

It’s hard to make a new courier service stand out. Household names like DPD, Hermes and FedEx seem to corner the market for UK courier services, and getting your name out there as a serious competitor is never easy. However, this is the sort of challenge that we at Ultimate love to take on – which is exactly what we did, in our brand work with Speedy Freight.


The Client: 

Speedy Freight: your local same day courier! A part of the Eddie Stobart family, Speedy Freight were seeking a refreshed and rejuvenated look to match their brand new marketing approach. Speedy Freight already had a strong product: a versatile and dynamic courier service, which can offer an emergency courier service, as well as scheduled same day and next day services. 


All in all, it was time for Speedy to up their game.That’s where we at Ultimate came in: to inject life, vibrancy and movement into their brand. As we go into a fresh year, we take a look back at creating the vibrant new version of Speedy Freight, now one of the nation’s favourite same day couriers. 


What We Did: 

At Ultimate, we wanted to shake things up – without losing the essence of the Speedy Freight brand. Speedy needed to be agile, fast, and dynamic – all values that Speedy identified with. One of the first things we focussed on was the iconic ‘S’-shaped logo, and presented a faster, more dynamic shape, to reflect the nature and speed of the service. 


We wanted to demonstrate that Speedy Freight is a franchised business, working across over 50 sectors. As part of the marketing strategy, Speedy needed to keep a broad appeal whilst retaining a local message.  We created unique content to hit various industries through billboards and email campaigns, showing how Speedy provides for their many sectors and clients in a different way each time. 


This franchised focus came into play by using the HubSpot platform. Our Digital Marketing team wanted to use the website as a central hub through which clients could find their local branch. Through HubSpot, sector data was provided as well as information for persona research, to understand Speedy’s client demographics, user experience, challenges and objectives.


The flexible components and dynamic presentation also allowed us to get really creative with the site, and let us support the new leads! 

Since we started our campaign, Speedy Freight has seen a leap in online attention- including a 41% increase in organic website traffic to the website; and this growth in leads has led to a significant return on investment. That’s what we call delivering the goods