Real Rates Branding

A Brand That Instantly Makes An Impression

Looking for a personal loan? You need Real Rates. This pioneering new platform does away with misleading typical and representative rates and instead, tells you exactly what rates you personally will be accepted for. There’s no hard search until you highlight the rate you want, from the lender you want and that rate is guaranteed. But how do you communicate all that in an incredibly busy, ever-evolving market?

Real Rates came to Ultimate without a name. They wanted us to help them find something that was straight to the point and crystal clear about the service they provide, in language that the target audience would understand. However, it was also critically important that we avoided going down the Wonga route and attracting people looking for a payday loan.

With a good track record and experience in managing credit, Real Rates’ audience tends to apply to their bank when they want a loan. We were keen to arrange and run a focus group to delve deeper into the financial habits of this audience, discovering why they choose to take out a personal loan, what amount they’d typically be looking for and how they felt about completing the process on an online comparison site. Honest customer insight was vital for creating a brand positioning document for Real Rates, outlining their brand values, mission and vision.

The personal loan and comparison market is a crowded one, full of large sites with big marketing budgets and a strong online presence. With Real Rates, we needed to find a way to cut through all the noise and make a lasting impression.

Putting The Individual At The Heart Of The Brand

Real Rates are entirely personal to you, so we created a brand to reflect that. The brand’s distinctive handwritten scrawl expresses the user’s freedom and control to choose the rate they want, when they want.

We asked a number of people to write out the Real Rates name in their own individual handwriting, and then pulled all the variations together into a single GIF. This demonstrated how the Real Rates platform can cater for everyone whilst still remaining firmly personal.

Our focus on the individual continues in the copy. Scribbling out ‘Tom, Dick and Harry’ and replacing it with ‘me’, highlights how no two people are going to get the same rate. You aren’t one in a crowd. There is a revolution happening in the personal loan industry and Real Rates are right at the front of it, leading the way. The tone of voice is bold and active, emphasising that the change is happening right now.

All of our creative decisions were based on the feedback we received from the focus group, helping to ensure that we prioritised the information they were most interested in, and communicated that in the best possible way for them.

The distinctive brand we created for Real Rates has now launched online, with a supporting animation. Now it’s time to see the market shift to the revolution of real rates! Real Rates has already received attention from the national media, featuring on BBC Radio 4, the Guardian and the Mirror.

Charlotte Green, Head of Client Services