Novity Branding and Website

Novity are a brand-new start-up and indie game developer, focussing on Virtual Reality (VR) gaming. With a passionate and driven creative team, Novity strive to be champions in VR gaming and beyond. As they are a start-up company, Novity have been presented with the intriguing challenge to start from the ground up. This includes a new brand identity, which encapsulates their vision for the future.

The name itself, Novity, has several meanings. In the Collins English Dictionary, Novity means ‘novelty’; the new. In addition, the word itself is an amalgamation of words: ‘novus’, meaning ‘new’, paired with ‘reality’. Novity therefore evokes several meanings, all of which translate into ‘new reality’, a name which defines their aims, goals and achievements as a company. Novity have a bold aim: chiefly to shape the entertainment industry. This is an inspiring objective which required a brand identity, which is both versatile and impactful, as soon as it is seen by a customer. One of the most interesting propositions Novity have is the sheer number of possibilities and directions that they can move towards in the future. This was the key facet of the company that Ultimate wanted to encapsulate in the development of their brand.

A brand with endless possibilities

Ultimate were tasked with creating new branding for Novity, as well as a website. In-keeping with the Novity brand, the task was to make the website feel as though the user was entering a new world. The user journey is of the utmost priority in contemporary branding and digital presence, and even more so for a company dedicated to VR, where experience really is everything.

Ultimate’s digital marketing team created a marketing persona to define Novity’s customer base and more importantly, first adopters: customers who will want to try the game and share their opinions to other potential customers. 

In addition, the branding challenge was to retain the ‘Novity’ ethos, of novelty and innovation, whilst reflecting the seamless digital transition from website to world. The sensation of virtual reality should remain present throughout the branding, as an enhanced reflection of reality. 

From a new website to new worlds

The website designed and built by the Ultimate team was designed to evoke the virtual worlds built by Novity. The new website features subtle movement, bold colours, and shapes, which shift around the user to mimic the passage of time in a living, breathing world. 

The different colours and shapes on the website are versatile as well as original. They can be utilised in many different ways, keeping each of the pages unique in their own right whilst still maintaining a strong brand identity. Visitors to the site needed to be given the impression that, though key elements are familiar, each page allows you to enter a new world. This truly resonates with the ethos of Novity: that the possibilities are endless. 

As the company are still in development of their first VR game, Ultimate needed to give Novity the capability to create distinctive pages, so that visitors to the site truly feel that they are somewhere they have never been. Our Creative and Development teams worked closely together in order to create simple but effective shape transitions, which bring the website to life. 

Having Ultimate’s digital marketing team involved from the offset therefore enabled the development team to build a site that would attract key customers, i.e. gamers with a pre-existing interest in VR, who are extremely enthusiastic to play Novity’s games. 

The challenge of developing Novity’s new brand and website allowed Ultimate to share their research, creativity and knowledge of Novity’s values in order to create the ultimate online platform for this new and exciting enterprise. Novity are embarking on a great journey, and we cannot wait to celebrate their success in the upcoming years.