Manchester Plastic Surgery Inbound Marketing




Giving MPS’ digital presence a facelift through sophisticated audience research.


Starting with a completely clean slate, Ultimate needed to drive traffic to Manchester Plastic Surgery’s brand new website and strengthen its presence on Google.

The end-goal of gaining traffic to the new website, would be visitors booking an initial consultation with one of the MPS experienced surgeons to discuss treatment options.

Ultimate’s marketing strategy however needed to attract quality traffic, in other words MPS’ ideal customer, someone likely to be considering going ahead with a cosmetic surgery procedure in the Manchester area.

Ultimate had previously developed MPS’ brand, positioning the clinic as a leader in the industry, recognised for their personal service and expertise and thereby standing head and shoulders above the highly-saturated market of surgical sites which promote a low cost, high volume model.

We also designed and built the new website, in order to reflect this personal service. Now Ultimate had to populate the site with informative content, determined by thorough audience and online search behaviour  research. This project worked to decipher what queries patients have, what information they need and what influences them before making a life-transforming decision towards surgery and how they found the answers that they were looking for online.

Developing A Traffic-boosting Strategy


Our strategy was to adopt an  inbound methodology. Inbound marketing is based on the idea of attracting your ideal client or customer by providing the solution to their everyday problems or goals, offering useful information, and the answers to questions which they may be looking for, in formats most appropriate for them, whilst they are searching online.


Getting To Know The Audience


The first step of understanding the audience was creating a marketing persona, a  representation of MPS’ ideal customer, based on thorough research and no assumptions. Once we have interviewed a good selection of people, of both existing, new and target patients, then we create the persona by identifying common trends, opinions and what influences them to make a decision to make a decision.

You’ll often hear inbound marketers talking about their persona as if they’re a real person, as they structure their strategy according to how best to engage with them.

Ultimate created a detailed and  intelligent survey asking previous patients about their online and offline behaviour. The questions were conceived to find out what content clients wanted to see on the website, what existing content they enjoyed reading, their expectations of the site, in addition to other more lifestyle-related information such as their personal goals and everyday challenges. We discovered that patients wanted the following questions answered among others, “How long will I have to take off work?” and “When can I go back to the gym?”. From this information, we created MPS’ marketing persona, who is their audience in a nutshell.

Our Inbound Marketing Strategy 

Keyword and Search Phrase Strategy

Keyword research is essential for the content generation involved in inbound marketing, it looks at popular words and phrases that people enter into search engines. Ultimate’s keyword research for MPS explored the many varied ways people use language to research cosmetic surgery options and their varied concerns relating to cost, recovery time, general anaesthetic and more. Following this research, we developed a detailed keyword strategy that influenced the content plan, as we decided on blog titles that would provide answers to people’s queries and meticulously included keywords with a high search volume within the content so they would rank highly on Google as users searched for queries relating to various treatments, all of which the MPS surgeons offer.







Content Strategy

Both the marketing persona and keyword strategy we developed came into play into creating a content strategy for Manchester Plastic Surgery. Ultimate created a variety of content for MPS’ marketing persona to browse online including: patient testimonials, treatment case studies and detailed articles. Content assets also formed a key part of this strategy, these are additional pieces of content, which are usually educational and have long-term value for the visitor, they may be something a visitor wants to keep to consult later or use to find out more information. Visitors download these assets from the site in return for their personal details, predominantly their name and an email contact. These details can then be entered into your CRM so these potential customers can later be retargeted with email-marketing campaigns, such as newsletters and offers. The topic of these content assets were in line with what had been requested by previous patients during our persona research, such as  relevant information concerning recovery, post-treatment care and more.


Delivering Outstanding Results 

Ultimate’s inbound marketing campaign had a huge impact in terms of increasing traffic and massively boosted the number of enquiries MPS were receiving from potential clients.

The website experienced a 113% rise in YOY website traffic, coupled with a 61% increase in enquiries. Mr.  Murphy and his team at Manchester Plastic Surgery were thrilled to see the fantastic results following Ultimate’s inbound campaign.