Horrockses Branding

Reviving a heritage fashion brand and ASOS newcomer

Horrockses are the pioneers of print.  Their rich heritage of fashion dates right back to the 1790s, but the brand has now set its sights firmly on the future. To successfully make this transition, Horrockses needed Ultimate to reposition and revitalise the brand for a modern female audience. 

For decades, Horrockses was the absolute epitome of style and sophistication. They were respected and celebrated for their original, bold and beautifully designed patterned fashion. Horrockses was the fashion house everyone wanted to be associated with: the fashion elite, glamorous film stars such as Katherine Hepburn and even royalty wore their unique printed dresses. 

Fast forward to 2018 and Horrockses is making a comeback. Their elegant designs are now available to pop into your shopping bag on ASOS, another reason not to curb your growing asos addiction?!

Horrockses have reignited their vibrant, colourful, memorable patterns.


But who wants to buy Horrockses now? It was up to Ultimate to discover that crucial information and create a stunning brand that would attract and engage the target audience. 

Who is Horrockses’ ideal customer? 

As a heritage brand, Horrockses was likely to have multiple target audiences. Young women in their 20s buying Horrockses on ASOS and older women who fondly recognise the brand from their youth. We felt that persona research was vital to getting the brand positioning and communication right. 

Persona research involves learning as much as possible about the target audience, including how they browse the internet and purchase their clothing. It’s a snapshot of their daily lives that helps us understand their thoughts, opinions and behaviours. In this instance, we were keen to know what influences them while they’re browsing clothing. All of our research was based on fact, data and statistics, not assumption. 

Speaking to young women, their responses confirmed our initial thoughts that this is a brand with broad appeal. Confident in our ability to market to more than one persona/target audience at the same time, we embraced this challenge and looked to capitalise on the areas in common between the two. These included social media, their level of disposable incomes and their online/offline retail habits. 

Setting the guidelines for the Horrockses brand 


To showcase the Horrockses brand and all its versatility in a beautiful, well considered format, we created a gorgeous brand book. It outlines how the brand should look and how it should talk, keeping the target audience firmly in mind. From the nitty gritty of how the logo should be sized, to social media hashtags and tone of voice, to the setting of any photography. 

These brand guidelines ensure that the Horrockses brand is always recognisable, beautiful and complements anything that sits beside it. They will be used by everyone from a designer to a manufacturer, right through to ASOS itself. 

Alongside this practical information, the brand book takes readers on a journey through the history of the brand and describes Horrockses’ vision for the future. Ultimately, the brand’s aspiration is for consumers to instantly recognise a Horrockses’ print. We reflected that forward-thinking ambition by updating the logo to make it modern and fresh. It is bold enough to sit alongside any Horrockses pattern whilst still being simple and memorable. 

Beautifully designed and packed full of distinctive Horrockses’ patterns, this brand book is the perfect tool for the Horrockses team to take with them when meeting potential manufacturers, retail buyers and end customers. A digital version was also created in PowerPoint making it a highly valuable and accessible sales tool. 

Taking the Horrockses brand online

Key to positioning the Horrockses brand was creating a website that explained who they are and what they’re about. We created an eye-catching holding page which uses bold colour and sophisticated animation to reflect the creativity and innovative nature of the brand. Horrockses’ patterns are front and centre, with flowers, butterflies and pineapples taken from the dresses and incorporated into the website design itself. After all, these patterns truly make Horrockses what it is.