Executive Recruitment Content Marketing Campaign

An SEO Campaign That Focuses On Quality

A market leader in executive recruitment, our client was looking to grow the company further without compromising on quality. This recruitment agency offers skills, services and expertise for those looking to up their game and hire only the very best talent. Naturally, their website and its content needed to reflect that high standard.

Within their business strategy for growth, the team had clearly identified the website as the major focus for lead generation. It needed to become their premier salesperson. In order for the website to generate leads, people first needed to land on it. It was Ultimate’s task to get more eyes on the site and encourage them to get in contact with our recruitment client, either through a form or by picking up the phone.  

Creating Content That Entices

Executive recruitment and headhunting is an incredibly competitive arena. The fact that our client operates globally further increases the level of competition the company faces online. Our challenge was to not only increase their online visibility but also improve the volume of quality traffic the website received.

So what was our solution? Highly targeted content.

To kick the campaign off, we created a detailed keyword strategy. This simply meant using sophisticated tools to discover what people are typing into search engines when they’re looking for information about executive recruitment, leadership assessment or talent mapping. Once we had a list of all these search term, we created a strategic content plan to boost their rankings, addressing the challenge of increasing traffic and quality of leads.

This executive recruitment client is an expanding business so it was essential that our SEO strategy was capable of growth and flexibility. We wanted to build 6 Group up as an authority on relevant subjects, which meant crafting engaging industry insight pieces that positioned it as a knowledge leader in the executive recruitment sector. Whilst the keyword strategy provided guidance, we made sure that we weren’t slaves to it and thought critically about what was the best content for the client.