Egyptian Cotton™ Brand Repositioning

Adding A Touch Of Softness In A Egyptian Cotton™ Rebrand

Egyptian Cotton™ is renowned worldwide for its luxury feel, incredible softness and impressive durability. You just want to sink right into it. But did you know that it is a brand all of its own? All genuine Egyptian Cotton™ is grown in Egypt and must be approved by the Cotton Egypt Association (CEA), who manage the brand. If you can’t see their trademark on the label, it isn’t Egyptian Cotton™.

Egyptian Cotton™ has long been regarded as the world’s highest quality cotton. However, recent cases of inferior blended cotton being falsely sold as Egyptian Cotton™ has damaged its reputation. So a stringent new DNA testing method has been put in place, which farmers and manufacturers must pass before receiving accreditation.

The vision is for Egyptian Cotton™ to be recognised as the finest and most luxurious cotton in the world.

Putting The Luxurious Feel Of Egyptian Cotton™ At The Heart Of The Brand

When it comes to Egyptian Cotton™, it’s all about how it makes you feel. Whether it’s a towel, bed sheet or dressing gown, you want to feel like a million dollars, like you’re indulging in something special. We put that sensation right at the heart of the new brand.

The photography style we set always features people enjoying the luxurious experience of Egyptian Cotton™. Photos should always feel natural, with the individuals looking comfortable and at home. It’s how the product makes them feel, not what it looks like.

When Egyptian Cotton™ speaks to consumers, it is warm and gentle, clear and down to earth. Above all, it should be human. The brand should always mention the unique benefits of Egyptian Cotton™, and avoid industry jargon.

This softer tone of voice is reflected in the brand colour palette, which contains warm and neutral tones. White plays a significant role, reminding the audience of the purity of Egyptian Cotton™ as well as adding clean and clear space.

Addressing Two Audiences In One Website

The Egyptian Cotton™ website has two primary purposes: to educate consumers on the benefits of Egyptian Cotton™ and guide farmers and manufacturers through the accreditation process. We answered the needs of both by creating dedicated areas for each. Consumers can explore the heritage of Egyptian Cotton™ through an animated timeline and discover where they can buy it. Meanwhile, industry members can download all the relevant documents to apply for accreditation and view a list of those who are already accredited.

To help drive as much traffic to the website as possible, we followed a comprehensive SEO strategy. This meant that before designing anything, we conducted keyword research around what people are searching for when looking for information on Egyptian Cotton™. This research not only informed the creation of the sitemap and guided decisions about which pages to create, but also educated the design of the pages themselves. We ensured that they were optimised in order to be as search engine friendly as possible, making it visible to a greater number of people. A well-designed and written website page should hold the audience’s attention and encourage them to carry out a specific action, which we can then track.