Chester Zoo Website

How we created a world leading, tourist website

There are thousands of tourist attractions in the UK all competing for attention. How can Chester Zoo stand out from the crowd, increase visitor numbers, raise awareness of its conservation efforts whilst reaching its goal of preventing extinction? By developing a website that speaks to all its audiences and delivers engaging content that people come back to time and time again.

This is how Ultimate created a website that reaffirmed Chester Zoo as a world-leading organisation for the protection of vulnerable animals.

A website that brings Chester Zoo to life

The Chester Zoo brand is already instantly recognisable, full of fun and excitement whilst getting across a serious message about preventing extinction. Online however, that sense of fun was being limited by a lack of flexibility in the platform, preventing the in-house marketing team from fully realising their creative campaign and content ideas. Subsequently, Chester Zoo were unable to create a personalised user experience for visitors or drive as much revenue as they’d like through the site.

They needed a website that could easily grow and adapt alongside them and this is where the expert digital marketing team came in. Involved throughout the entire process, SEO best practice was put in place and keyword strategy was crafted to guide the content and sitemap, helping the Chester Zoo team to hit their KPIs.

Design guided by real user experiences

By conducting user experience testing across 3 different devices, the Ultimate team gained valuable insight into how visitors currently interact with the Chester Zoo and what their expectations are. Combined with information gleaned from an interactive workshop with key stakeholders at the Zoo, this knowledge guided our design and development of the site. All of the separate sub-brands have been consolidated into one without losing their unique personalities, message or purpose.

Chester Zoo’s website has to cater for multiple different audiences, external and internal. Users might visit the site to book tickets, see what’s on or research animals and conservation. Ultimate have designed the site to surface the right content to the right person at the right person, particularly in the Plan Your Day section. Internally, teams can now easily monitor how different sections of the site are performing and make any necessary tweaks.


The website is now as dynamic, flexible and colourful as the brand itself, full to bursting with bags of personality. It’s a website that can easily grow and change with the Zoo, never putting limits on what they can achieve. Next up, the app!