Carex: A New Online Platform

Creating A New Online Presence For Carex

When we got the chance to pitch for PZ Cussons earlier in the year, there was a real buzz in Ultimate HQ! Carex – part of the PZ Cussons family, who are also behind Original Source, Imperial Leather and St Tropez – have been at the forefront of the UK personal healthcare market for decades, and are a trusted household name when it comes to cleaning, caring for and protecting hands – both big and little!

From their launch of the first branded antibacterial soap in the UK, back in 1993, to creating the first range of hand gels in 1998, Carex are a global brand known for leading the way. Though the Carex brand had gone from strength to strength, the team at Carex felt the same was not true of their website, which they felt was a little ‘neglected and unloved’. Though social content had undergone a refresh, the Carex family decided they needed to bring this pioneering attitude to a fresh new website look, breathing life into a long-established brand.

Concentrating primarily on their online presence, PZ Cussons wanted to inspire and continue the loyal relationships built with their customers. Carex were looking for a partner to grasp the essence of their brand, support their growth objectives and bring Carex to life digitally by developing their site, delivering engaging content and a reason to stay on and return to the site.

Growing & Driving Brand Awareness:

The brief was simple: we needed ‘to grow and drive awareness of the Carex brand online’. In a little more detail, we needed to create website content which had a clear purpose: to enhance the customer journey, and encourage long-term brand engagement. The challenge was to maintain the trusted household name of Carex as a reliable and consistent family brand, with strong and recognisable values, at the same time as infusing the brand with a new vibrancy and freshness. 


Carex particularly wanted to showcase the amazing strides they had made on their new ‘eco-promise’ section, which would highlight their work towards sustainability and aims to reduce, reuse and recycle packaging to minimise their environmental impact. Our task was to bring this to life and make people sit up and take notice. 


The first challenge was to get under the skin of the Carex brand: understand who they were, what their ethos was, and what made them tick! All of this lays the foundations for us to be able to bring the brand to life, and capture the true spirit of Carex in all of our creative work.


The second key challenge was to understand the user motivation and journey. We wanted to create an online space where content was exciting, engaging and fun! This was a priority so that customers would have reasons not only to visit, but also to return to the website. We developed creative ways in which the audience would engage with the brand, from elevating product ranges to useful hand hygiene information and encouraging social activity. We wanted all of our customers to feel fully connected to the Number 1 hand wash brand in the UK!


Once all of the research, understanding and positioning is in place, we get to have some fun bringing it all to life, and injecting that all-important brand personality into every single aspect of design. Working on a leading global brand is always really exciting, and we worked very closely with a fantastic team of people at Carex who eat, sleep and breathe their brand. 

Effective, straightforward, honest, and natural brand positioning was to be the way forward for the Ultimate team. 

A key aspect of branding which the team at Ultimate chose to represent and develop was a theme of Carex’s messaging ‘Getting stuck into life’. The team wanted to create something that really hooked into the idea of ‘live life hands on’ and push it further to really elevate the brand, and  created the idea around getting stuck into life – with Carex right behind you.


The new imagery and messaging connected with the idea that families can get stuck into their lives, knowing that they are always protected by Carex. The photography really focussed on the idea of life ‘in the moment’. The pictures were full of spirit, passion, snapshots of real life and the whole family embracing life. 


A refreshed colour palette breathed new life into Carex’s website, as the design team chose to retain the identifiable Carex colour scheme, but bring a more contemporary feel to it. This brought a much-needed energy throughout the site. Each bottle had a different pattern in the label (e.g. the Nourish collection had a hexagonal pattern, reminiscent of a beehive) which the team worked to draw out with boosted colours and backgrounds. 


Ultimate needed to create a central hub for Carex – where users could go for ingredients, resources, campaign support – to truly feel the support of Carex in their everyday lives. It needed to be entertaining and informative, as well as creating a use for consumers. This hub placed each of these activities into one easily-accessible place, reminding people to live life, hands-on, and giving people a reason to return. 


September 2019 saw the live launch of the website, to great success.

 Carex were thrilled with the updates to their online web presence, and commented: 

Ultimate’s core strength was translating our vision for our online presence into a reality; creating a fresh, original home for all things Carex without losing sight of our brand. We are very pleased with the site and excited to work with Ultimate on future projects!’. 

For Ultimate, this was a thoroughly enjoyable and exciting first step towards a strong future working relationship. It was a privilege for the whole team to work on such an exciting project, with people truly committed and dedicated to their brand. 


Ultimate’s Managing Director, Jon Walker, said: ‘This was an exciting project for the whole team! Our passion, as an agency, is always to consider what the user wants to gain from the website. Ultimate’s work will ensure that Carex are able to reach their goal of reaching their key audience. We look forward to future collaborations with them.’