Finding That Holiday Feeling At An Affordable Price

In 2018, Linco Care had an incredible year. Their Calypso sun cream was a massive success, and they’re now keen to capitalise on that success. Looking ahead to summer 2019, Calypso wanted Ultimate’s help in creating an integrated marketing campaign which would catch the attention of their target audience. Highlighting the importance of sun safety was absolutely vital, but it needed to be done in a creative and engaging way. 

With such success in 2018, Ultimate needed to ensure that the brand messaging resonated with an audience who had only recently discovered Calypso. Ensuring their brand loyalty was one thing, we needed to help transform them into brand ambassadors.


Calypso’s key marketing message focuses on how it delivers a high quality product at an affordable price. The protection their sun cream provides easily rivals that of the big brands, but not all of their audience is aware. That message needed to be communicated in a clear and easy to understand way but with a bold splash of brand personality.

To ensure our messaging and creative struck a chord with the right people, we needed to get to know the target audience. Persona research was an invaluable tool here. By speaking to a range of women between the ages of 20 and 60, we were able to build up a picture of their top priorities when choosing a sun cream. It needed to be a high factor that smells and feels great, with easy application and at an affordable price. Knowing this, we knew that we needed to find the midpoint in our creative between a very premium feel sun cream and something cheaper and more typical discount store. 



Creative that just screams ‘IT’S SUMMER!’

At its heart, our creative campaign was all about capturing that wonderful feeling of being on holiday and enjoying time in the sun. It’s when you feel happy, relaxed and carefree. This feel-good campaign uses striking visuals that capture that unique holiday feeling. 

With a core campaign message of ‘find the feeling’, Calypso invites consumers to find not only that holiday feeling, but also the satisfaction of knowing they’ve got a great deal. A high quality produce at an affordable price. The supporting message of ‘pass it on’ is designed to generate a buzz around the brand, with consumers passing on just how good it is to their friends and family. 

The new strapline, ‘Bring out the sunshine’, is bright and positive without forgetting that all-important safety message. With Calypso, families are always ready to make the most of the sunshine, with complete peace of mind that everybody is protected. 

All of this brilliant messaging was accompanied by bold and bright visuals, showing all the fun that can be had on holiday when you’re protected by Calypso. Plastered on billboards across the UK, they really do stand out against the grey skies! 


Our creative was rolled out across Calypso’s website, social media and radio advertising to positive reactions. With Ultimate’s help, Calypso were able to find that holiday feeling – and ‘pass it on’ to their clients! 


“Ultimate Creative Communications has been an absolute pleasure to work with. The team completely understood our campaign goals, and put forward compelling ideas, which we used in a number of successful magazine and outdoor advertising campaigns.”

– Calypso