Aura Branding, Website and Content Creation

Empowering businesses to take control of their cyber security

Experts in cyber security, Aura know that employees aren’t just working 9 to 5 in an office anymore. However, with such flexibility comes greater vulnerability and SMEs often find themselves exposed. Aura want to change that. They will show businesses how cyber security is important to their business,   highlight what needs to be fixed and protect against future threat.

With this SME target audience in mind, as well as potential partner resellers, Aura needed a dynamic brand and website that was accessible to people completely new to cyber security. Ultimate were tasked with creating a brand that would make people stop, think and take action.

Making the link between colour and threat levels

Aura came to Ultimate without a name but a keen sense of purpose. Through an infamous Ultimate workshop, we were able to establish a clear understanding of who Aura are, where they come from and exactly what makes their approach and technology so unique.

All of that incredibly valuable information was then pulled together in a brand positioning document. In it, we identified their key brand values and carefully crafted a vision statement that would inform all creative work. Everything we decided and created from this point onwards could be traced back to those fundamental values, building strength in the brand.

When it came to naming the company, we offered a number of well-thought out options but Aura was a clear winner. It stands for detecting the unknown and keeping UK businesses out of harm’s way. An aura is an invisible field of energy believed to radiate from a person or object. With the Digital Aura assessment, that aura is revealed to be red, amber or green depending on the quality of the business’ cyber security.



Colour plays a fundamental role in the brand we created for aura. In all of the brand imagery we created, coloured light particles can be seen emanating from devices in work environments. Green is the key brand colour and identifies businesses with excellent cyber security. It’s the level of cyber security everyone should aim for and work towards. Amber positions businesses as mid-range for risk or potential threat and red indicates a high threat level. This colour coding mirrors the simplicity of the Digital Aura assessment.

A website that begins to solve the problems of different audiences

Designed and developed by Ultimate, the new Aura website forms part of the initial phase of the branding process. As the Aura team learn more about the two distinct target audiences and their typical customer journey, the website will continue to grow and be refined. It’s a process of frequent evaluation and evolution, finding that perfect sweet spot that answers both audiences’ needs.

As with many of our projects, we conducted persona research into both the SME and reseller audiences. By learning as much as possible about the target audience’s habits and preferences, we knew how to begin engaging their interest online. We reflected their differing priorities and needs within the homepage, navigation and contact form designs.

Our consideration of SEO best practice also played a major role here, with pages specifically designed and written to appeal to a specific audience, as well as appear in relevant search engine results. Ready for launch, we wrote all of the required content for the Aura website, ensuring that it retained the brand’s accessible tone of voice and armed with our keyword research. This included blogs and key landing pages of over 1,000 words, which not only provide greater information but also help the site to rank for its core terms on Google.

This is a website full of bold colour and subtle animations, visually highlighting the threat of cyber attacks in a work environment and guiding users through the assessment process.

Check out Aura’s website here