My week with Ultimate

My week with Ultimate has been an enjoyable and insightful experience. Out of the work previous experience I have done, it has been Ultimate that has been the most beneficial. An instant warm welcome from everyone set the tone for the week to come. With a brief on my desk to arrive to, I knew that they were actually challenging my skills instead of possibly leaving me in the shadows to simply watch which is always a worry with such large agencies.

The most valuable attribute I took away from the week was my progression of my thought process, this helped develop my idea from concept to design. With the ideas from the team, the concept was molded into a greater design by constantly challenging all the different options.

A week was simply not enough and the reality of not returning to Ultimate the following week is a sorrow thought.

A huge thank you to Ben, Anya and Lisa for their time and effort, helping me out with my professional and personal progression.


Written By: Jon Walker on the

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