Lizzie's Week at Ultimate

It is now the final day of my week’s worth of work experience at Ultimate and I have had a very enjoyable and constructive week here.  All the staff have made me feel really welcome and have made sure I’ve been kept busy with little tasks which gave me a taster into what Ultimate is about.

As soon as I arrived for my first day on the Monday I was whisked into a very impressive business meeting with the design team and the web team.

In this meeting everyone shared ideas into what web features they had seen which they liked, this was useful for everyone as they saw examples from existing websites which could inspire them to produce exciting websites for clients in the future. I found this very fascinating as I hadn’t really looked at a website in depth before. Something key that I didn’t mention was that this meeting was run over a large breakfast including assorted pastries, fruit and delicious healthy nibbles. This was just what everyone needed for a dull Monday morning in Knutsford.

In the meeting, website development techniques were the main topic of discussion. Before this I had no idea that websites had different techniques on them to give them different functions, but I was amazed to be taught some of the ones the design team used. As smart phones and tablets are becoming more common for web access on the go, one important feature that people are including to websites now is for them to be responsive. This lets the website scale itself to suit the device you are viewing it on. I thought that this was the most useful website function as different mobile devices are becoming more popular.

The Ultimate team called this meeting a ‘Creative Breakfast’ and it certainly was.


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