Jenny's week at Ultimate

I went to ultimate design for a weeks work experience and I had a really good time. When I first arrived everyone was really welcoming and friendly.I was asked what I was interested in so that the brief I was given would be relevant and fun for me. I got given a brief to design a new logo for Fiorelli and an advertising campaign to go with it. Straight away the people I was working with helped¬† me out and showed me how to use the programs. I started out sketching ideas and it was really nice to hear the praise I was given. Time seemed to fly by and I was never sat bored with nothing to do. At lunchtimes the staff were really friendly and made sure they involved me in there lunchtime conversations and activities. I then started to design on the computer and I was helped every time I got stuck and I was always asked if I was okay. As I progresed through the brief the people I was with made sure they kept looking at what id done and showing a genuine interest. On one of the days I was there, they took me for ice cream which was really nice of them. I felt really welcome at ultimate and even as I walked around the building everyone would say hi and ask me how everything was going which made me feel even more at home . After I had completed the work at the end of the week, the people I was with printed it all of for me and put my files on to a CD. This was really good because it gave me something to take away and i felt like i had really gained from the experience. It was really good to see what a real working environment is like, and I couldn’t think of a better place to experience that. I like how they gave me a brief for what i’m interested in so that i would enjoy it. I would definatelly come back to Ultimate design because everyone is so nice and i have gained a lot of knowledge about design software and the process of designing advertisements.

Written By: Jon Walker on the

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