It’s that time of year again.. the Ultimate Christmas Quiz!

All of the Ultimate gang are feeling super festive today after we held a lunchtime Christmas themed quiz and buffet. Each person had to devise their own mini quiz made up of 5 questions from a category of their choice. The A-Z of Christmas quiziness was was covered from Emma’s “Pantomime Questions”, the obligatory charades round from Adam and Jon’s “Know your Christmas Movies” which as it turns out, we didn’t.

Adam Alex Matt IMG_4280Joel

Charlotte had everyone guessing with her round titled “Know your bush”…Christmas tree bush that is!

FullSizeRender (12)


Joel blindfolded two willing victims to test the teams skills of communication requiring each team to guide their blindfolded scribe to get from A-B in his maze challenge.

FullSizeRender (11)    Stefan

Amy kept it simple with a music round asking the teams to name the tune, artist and first line of 5 famous Christmas tunes by only hearing the first few notes.


Despite being due to give birth any day now, Anya was her usual spirited self and held a fun round asking “Christmas Scene or Something Obscene? Displaying blurred images of all things festive…or not!


Ben gave us picture clues to his general knowledge about history, including asking “Who banned Christmas in 1640!?’ Well, who did?!

Ben Lisa

Stefan challenged everyone to play ‘Christmas Ninja’, an online game which he developed, where a little Ninja character has to jump from block to block. By holding down the mouse trying to estimated the length of the jump you want him to make, so simple, so difficult!

Stefan Ultimate's Ninja Leap

The most entertaining round by far was Matt’s “Handbell Challenge”. He arrived with a set of handbells, kindly on loan from St. Johns church in Knutsford. After a quick demonstration of how to ring a handbell, the whole group were away. They played three songs, which Matt had co-ordinated and the teams had to guess the song.

Watch the video – can you guess the carol?!

We decided this time to position teams boy’s v’s girls and despite best efforts from team girls, the boys took victory by 5 points!

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