Hectic Holidays

Our Hectic Holiday Survival Kit.

This year Ultimate is proud to announce that we have launched our very own ‘Survival Kit’. Not just any survival kit, oh no, this kit will make sure that you make it through any festive period without any of the normal stress.

“We’ve all been there – enduring the angry mobs and making it through the busy shops, only to discover you’ve forgotten something, or struggling to survive a day with the in-laws after a few too many glasses of mulled wine the night before. Avoid your next Christmas crisis with the only survival kit you’ll ever need. The Ultimate Hectic Holiday Survival Kit is the only survival kit purpose built to help you combat those fearsome festive  environments. This kit has been designed and developed by Ultimate and field tested by some of the holiday season’s leading survival experts and former SAS military officers to help YOU avoid a season’s worth of peril. It’s not pretty out there but if things do get a little more than merry, this handy package contains all you need to survive the unexpected and make it out alive.’’

Written By: Jon Walker on the

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