Imagine a world without waste…well you don’t need to imagine too hard, as Joost Bakker is showing us all how it is done with his new permanent project.

This permanent cafe follows the success of The Greenhouse by Joost created for Melbourne Food and Wine Festival. A pop up restaurant that showed the public that nothing is unachievable even a restaurant that is completely waste free. The pop up restaurant was made up of Straw walls, a garden that was completely edible, flax fibre menus and toilets with no water, proved this to be an extreme but successful demonstration of sustainability. Visitors and staff found it “fantastically relaxing and exciting environment” and brought what some people don’t even imagine is possible into reality.

Joost’s new venture, Silo, is here to stay and looks set to be something of a visionary model for what an ethical, service-driven cafe might look like. The shop has deliberately altered the typical boundaries seen in a usual cafe as the dining and kitchen space merge into one. This not only fosters a natural human connection but also works to demystify the practices behind low-waste, sustainable food preparation. As you sit on the recycled communal table you can watch bread being baked and yoghurt and butter being made from scratch.

Joost’s cafe shows us all how sustainability is possible and it can also be fresh and sexy. It is all about creativity with an important message at its heart.

Silo comments “We’ll just do what we do, and if people like it then we hope they’ll be inspired by it”. I’d certainly like to see more of these coming to our area soon.


Written By: Jon Walker on the

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