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After visiting the Design Museum in London recently for the exciting Designs of the Year 2012 exhibition, this winning entry caught our eye.

As keen appreciators of typography and all things innovative, the Nokia Pure typeface, produced by Dalton Maag, won a place in designs of the year 2012 and we can understand why.

This is a font that has been designed to work in any language, created primarily for digital screens but also transfers to print for use across all Nokia’s communications. It was the need for a new font family that united Nokia’s various departments, each with their own specific requirements, in a common approach to a shared problem.

The brand is known for its functionality, versatility, freshness and beautiful simplicity, undeniably suits the demeanour and aesthetics of this new font. It is deceptively simple in appearance, every letter stroke is carefully crafted to perfection.

This typeface not only portrays Nokia’s global communication ethos, it embodies the company’s tone of voice and suits such expansive usage. Micha Weidmann, states, “Nokia Pure meets highly complex technical challenges and is also crafted so that an English word can be used within a Hindi text. This aspect alone reveals the complexity of the matter. It is designed for use on all communication platforms, from the smallest digital screens to the biggest billboards.”



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