Building a WordPress Website from Scratch

WordPress is the internet’s most widely used publishing platform and for good reason. It is highly adaptable to your needs, user-friendly for both the business and consumer and easily optimisable for SEO. At Ultimate, we use WordPress to create bespoke sites that push your website beyond the standard template offerings. We can build websites to be fully responsive and scalable, allowing your site to grow or shrink along with your business. All our web development work is informed by the creative design and vice versa, ensuring that the two work harmoniously.

Adaptable, functional and optimisable WordPress website design

Here at Ultimate we place great emphasis on originality of design and solid development work. We create bespoke, unique websites that truly stand out from the masses. Our web developers utilise the same research used in the design process, ensuring that we remain true to your needs and specifications.

WordPress is an open source platform, meaning that anyone can access and modify the source code. As a result, people across the world are always searching for ways to improve it, ironing out bugs and adding functionality. This WordPress community produces helpful blogs, videos and tutorials which provide guidance on various aspects of the platform. For the business user, this information makes running a website exceedingly simple. For WordPress developers like us, it ensures that we are constantly searching for new innovations and seeing how we can pass them onto customers.

In terms of functionality, WordPress has a very wide range. It easily connects to social media, has multilingual capabilities and allows you to store items in a media library. By choosing to move beyond the standard templates and invest in a custom option, businesses can build a website that serves their needs more successfully. By installing and modifying plugins, we can add forums, booking and reservation systems, and ecommerce.

WordPress has excelled because it is so user-friendly. Originally geared towards bloggers, WordPress gained admirers because of its powerful Content Management System (CMS). This allows users to make changes without any HTML knowledge or software, through an intuitive interface.

SEO works remarkably well on WordPress because it is so customisable. Each page, image and post can be assigned meta tag titles and descriptions, making the site more easily found by search engines. With a built in blog, uploading optimised content couldn’t be easier.

At Ultimate we also offer ongoing technical support. This means that should you experience any difficulties we can provide timely assistance, or even provide you with further functionality or upgrades. Such support can be as many hours as you think you need each month.

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At Ultimate we believe new projects should be undertaken with great amount of consideration and vigilant planning and research. You can be assured everything we do, will be the best for you and your brand and not what is best for us!