Cross platform mobile website development

Responsive web design essentially means that a website adapts to fit the screen it is being viewed upon. Anyone who has tried to use a traditional website on a small mobile screen will understand how frustrating an experience it can be. With a responsive design, your website layout reformats so that it becomes simpler and more easily navigable. As a result, the user’s experience is vastly improved and they are likely to remain on your site. At Ultimate, we can make your existing site responsive or simply build you a new website from scratch.

Improving user experience and ROI

We are living in the age of mobile, that is unquestionable. Technology is developing and growing at a rapid rate, often causing bewilderment within businesses. The simplest solution is to invest in responsive web development. Responsive sites are so fluid that they can easily adapt to the newest screen sizes and shapes, with minimum effort from the business or end-user. Their scalability ensures that images remain in proportion and there is rarely a need for the dreaded horizontal scroll bar, vastly improving user experience.

To be clear, there is a marked difference between a traditional mobile site and the newer responsive sites. When mobile phones first began to enable internet browsing, companies responded by redirecting users to ‘mobile only’ sites. These sites were completely separate from the main site and often contained only the most basic content. By having two distinct sites, businesses had to put in twice the work when it came to uploading content, undertaking maintenance work etc. Furthermore, the tactic became increasingly flawed with the introduction of tablets and vastly differing mobile screen sizes.

In contrast, a site that has been designed responsively suits all devices, removing the need for individual sites for each. This is a more cost effective and manageable solution. A responsive site can also actively benefit a business through SEO. Google’s ranking policy is constantly evolving but since April 2015, they have included mobile sensitivity as a ranking category. Ultimately, responsive sites provide ROI because users are far more likely to remain on the site and subsequently, convert.

At Ultimate, when we design and develop responsively we avoid the mind-set of a ‘mobile only’ site. Rather than stripping everything back to leave only the bare minimum, we think critically about the purpose of the website and the message it needs to convey. With limited space it is important to prioritise content but there still needs to be consistency across all devices. The user should be able to access everything on a mobile or tablet that they can on a desktop, even if the layout and navigation might be altered. We achieve this by building responsivity into every stage, rather than treating it as an afterthought. There is no ‘main site’ and ‘mobile site’ because they are all considered equally.


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