The Growing Social Media Advertising Industry

Social media advertising is a massively expanding industry. Spending on social media advertising is expected to grow a further 20% this year, to reach $43 billion by the end of 2020. And it’s no surprise – the latest data available reveals that the number of internet users and social media users around the world have both increased enormously within the past twelve months alone. Both before and during the coronavirus crisis, numbers have shot up by more than 300 million. With 3.81 billion total users of social media as of April this year, not capitalising on this market usually means your company missing out on any more growth and expansion.

 Evidently, most brands are increasingly aware that social media users are an easy, captivated audience who can be conveniently broken down into sub-audiences, perfect for advert targeting.

Building a social media strategy

By choosing to engage with social media advertising, you are able to approach an audience by a medium other than Google. As a technique, social media is far more targeted and specific than other forms of paid advertising. Using our technical knowledge and experience, we can drill down into your audience’s likes, dislikes, interests. These are in addition to the standard parameters of location, time of day and language. Ultimately, more of your adverts reach the targeted audience.

Essentially, social media advertising is any form of paid content that appears on a social network. You’ll have seen tweets or posts with the words ‘sponsored’ or ‘promoted’ in the corner- these are paid adverts. They can range from a single one-off post, complementing organic content, to a long-running, extensive Facebook campaign. Which platform you choose to use very much depends on the demographic you wish to target. This is a decision that we can help you with.

Within our social media advertising offering, we can take you from design to result. Obviously, each platform presents content in a different manner and the adverts need to reflect that. We know how to design imagery or write copy in ways that work to the advantage of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc. Our adverts are based upon audience research, and take into account how every demographic interacts with each platform.

With the adverts in place, we provide ongoing advert optimisation to ensure that your budget is being put to best use. Any decisions we make about altering adverts are based on our continual analysis. Every month we provide you with an easy to read summary, highlighting the best performing adverts and areas for improvement.

Our technical knowledge and experience can make all the difference to a campaign. We are familiar with the rules and regulations surrounding social media adverts and can ensure that your adverts don’t fall foul of restrictions. We can also integrate our social media work with any SEO, PPC or remarketing work.

Overall, social media advertising provides a major boost to your website traffic by generating leads and increasing your brand visibility.

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