Google Remarketing Campaign

A paid advertising campaign doesn’t have to be built purely on search adverts. In fact, we could argue that you shouldn’t do this if you want to make the most out of your budget. A Google Remarketing campaign can be a subtle yet sophisticated way to place adverts in front of your target audience.

Managing Your Google Remarketing and Display Campaign

You may be aware of remarketing banners already, maybe having noticed that the pair of trainers you were looking at last week have started popping up everywhere. If they are doing their job correctly, these banners may have encouraged you back on to a website that you have visited previously.

Google’s remarketing works by monitoring how certain visitors interact with your website. If they do not complete a certain action, such as buying a product or completing an enquiry form, then a specific set of code is activated to display branded banners on other websites around the internet.

The purpose of these adverts on the Google Display Network is to re-engage visitors back toward your website. However, remarketing banners can work exceptionally well when intelligence is placed behind them. For example, when they are activated for specific areas of a website, an individual service or a product category. Taking an extra step to tailor the banners to specific areas of a website where you know visitors have engaged with your website is straight forward and can yield superb results.

Of course, you can maintain control over where your banners appear. If you do not wish for your adverts to be associated with certain websites, we will ensure that they do not appear. Our on-going management of a Google Remarketing campaign provides continual optimisation of the display websites themselves, removing any irrelevant websites and nurturing the sites where the banners gain click-through.

If you would like to explore whether a remarketing campaign is right for your business, or if you would like to explore what options are available, get in touch with the team today for a free, no obligation chat. We have many years of experience across our digital marketing portfolio and we look forward to new and exciting opportunities.

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