The final team lunch.. over to our wonderful Designers!!

In the final instalment of our “Come Lunch with Me” competition, our illustrious design team had us all guessing away throughout the week with their secret meetings and their industrious use of the scalpel and cutting board on their lunchtimes. Then come the day, there was a hint of bunting, a mound of tupperware, and the Ultimate team were banished from our second meeting room for the entire morning.

At 12:30 the announcement was made, the stage was set and the food ready, and a beeline was made to the boardroom. What

English summer fete lunch spread
The Ultimate team excelled themselves with their turn to host the Ultimate ‘Come Lunch with Me’

greeted us was a bountiful English Summer Fete spread. With different treats covering every inch of the boardroom table, classical music in the background, and each member of the team doting on us hand and foot.

We started with mozzarella and cherry tomatoes, smoked salmon and goats cheese (from our wonderful client Delamere Dairy!) bellinis, and then tucked into ham and egg sandwiches, pork pie and cucumber slices with hummus whilst glasses of chilled homemade lemonade were served.







Sue and the Ultimate giant teapot
Sue and the Ultimate giant teapot

Sue then brought out the piece de resistance, the largest tea pot we have ever seen, and fresh cups of tea were served to the whole team in authentic bone china tea sets. We scoffed homemade scones, chocolate brownies, ice-cream themed muffins and homemade jelly and ice-cream.

Anya then worked the room with a ‘lucky dip’ made from an original milk urn, where each member of the team won a prize. Everyone really was a winner!

Then, when the tea was drained and the jelly and scones consumed, we were invited back out into the main office whereby the summer fete’s games had been laid out. A coconut shack style game made from tins of beans and juggling balls was arranged in one corner, and a game of croquet was set up using the entire length of the office. The fastest time won a prize of their very own set of juggling balls.

The whole team was high on spirits for the remainder of the afternoon after such a treat, and the final scores are coming in as we speak.

So…. who will win the Ultimate ‘Come Lunch with Me’ 2016?! Watch this space to find out!!

Mini milk bottles

The Ultimate coconut shy

Mini milk bottles

The Ultimate cup of tea

Matt on the coconut shy


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