Targeted Print Advertising based on Real Research

Print advertising is just as critical today as it always has been. These days though, adverts need to be more targeted to achieve success. People are far more likely to engage with a product/service if the associated advertising appears to have been created just for them. We consistently achieve this effect because of our commitment to in-depth research of you and your goals. Your brand is crucial to us, as we aim to build up awareness as well as engagement.

Integrated advertising that stands out

At Ultimate, we have years of experience in producing successful advertising campaigns. These have often been follow-ups to initial branding work, such as a rebrand or product brand. We have experience of placing media with leading publications, including The Observer, The Guardian and The Telegraph, as well as more local papers.

Any advertising campaign begins with the concept. Starting with the concept ensures that all the creative work, across different communication channels, remains cohesive and well integrated. A successful advertising campaign should be recognisable and memorable across all the platforms involved. Needless to say, the adverts should also be discernible as part of your brand.

All our concepts are developed based on strong customer insight. We will dedicate time and effort to researching your company, your brand and the wider industry. Using this information, we will then distil everything into one strong idea. This message will be designed to compel your audience to take action, whether it be buying a product, making an enquiry or donating money. With this concept established, we can then collaborate with you on the form the adverts should take.

Digital may be the popular choice at the moment but there is still very much a role to play for printed and outdoor advertising, given the rise of ad-blockers. We have a vast array of experience in this area, ranging from bus wrap-arounds, to bus stop digital displays, to billboards of various shapes and sizes. Our only limit is your budget and the target audience.

All our design work is innovative, cutting-edge and original. Our designers keep up to date with the latest style and techniques, ensuring that all our creative work remains contemporary. We will ensure that your brand remains evident in any advertising we create, as we believe that adverts should promote brand awareness as well as engagement with a specific product/service.

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At Ultimate we believe new projects should be undertaken with great amount of consideration and vigilant planning and research. You can be assured everything we do, will be the best for you and your brand and not what is best for us!