Creative Brochure Design

Brochures still have a crucial place in the marketing toolkit, despite the current focus on all things digital. Their main advantage is their physicality. People love to hold and interact with material, especially when it is of such high quality. They also like to have something to take away and consider further. Our brochures are designed to draw in the audience and then keep their attention. We achieve this through a mix of stunning artwork, engaging copy and tactile materials.

Brochure design best practices

At Ultimate, we focus on producing high quality, bespoke brochures that truly stand out from the crowd. We are able to position your high-end product/service in a way that takes it to the next level, attracting the people who are most likely to engage with it. To do this we use only the best design and print processes.

There is a huge range of printing and finishing techniques that, when used right, instantly elevate any brochure. For example, embossing and soft touch laminate can be used to add texture and give the illusion of other materials. UV varnishing and foil blocking are great for catching the light and, subsequently, the audience’s eye. Even the binding of the brochure can be customised for your needs, from a sewn edge to glued. Beyond finishes, we can also vary the size of the brochure itself. There’s no need to stick to the standard A4.

We treat brochures just like we do any other design work. Our starting point is always research. Having established a brief, we will work with you to fully understand your target audience. We will research your competitor’s offerings, as well as exploring outside of the sector for others who are looking to achieve a similar goal. With this research in mind, we will create artwork and copy that satisfies your needs.

To supplement your brochure, we can also develop a number of other offline assets. These range from stationary items to pull-up banners to signage. We are always looking for new challenges and are willing to work with you to create something truly special. We want to make sure that your brand makes an impact and is memorable. There’s little limit on what we can brand!

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At Ultimate we believe new projects should be undertaken with great amount of consideration and vigilant planning and research. You can be assured everything we do, will be the best for you and your brand and not what is best for us!