Creative Branding for your Products

The key to the best product branding is to remain unique. Humans are creatures of habit and so honing your product branding is crucial if you want to break their loyalty. Every aspect of your product branding needs to reflect the company’s key message. What is your market niche? Are you the market leader, the cheapest option, the best value for money or the newest innovation? At Ultimate, we distil this message into eye-catching, engaging and striking creative brand design that will really set your product apart.

Effective product branding

Product branding is fundamentally about building a strong emotional relationship between the consumer and the product. People will gravitate towards, and keep buying, brands that they have positive associations with. This may be due to a prior purchase, recommendation or successful advertising. Either way, there is something in the product branding that they connect with, which compels them to then buy your product.

Shelf space is increasingly at a premium and consumers are almost overwhelmed with options. It’s so important then that your product shines on the shelf. This is achieved through impactful packaging, a distinct brand and a favourable relationship with the customer.

In order to successfully brand your product, you need to perfectly position it. By undertaking extensive market and demographic research, we can assist you in pitching your product at the right level, to the right people. We have years of experience in this area and have the ability to run tests on packaging, possible product names and user perceptions. Take a look yourself at some of our recent work.

We also have the knowledge and expertise to simplify and distil the core messages you want to portray. We can then present them in a captivating and engaging manner.

At Ultimate we recognise that the process of branding a product is unique to every company. Your product branding may be closely tied to a company or family brand, or it may be one of numerous brands your company manages. Whatever the situation, we will create a brand that is pitched perfectly for your situation.

With the rise of social media it has never been more important to actively manage your product branding. You should harness the power of these new forms of communication to build a stronger emotional relationship between consumers and product, rather than leave them to form their own associations.

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At Ultimate we believe new projects should be undertaken with great amount of consideration and vigilant planning and research. You can be assured everything we do, will be the best for you and your brand and not what is best for us!