Building a Brand Identity that Accentuates Your Difference

Key to any brand strategy is finding a niche and owning it. You need to accentuate what makes you different from the competition. This can be done through your pricing, packaging, distribution, customer interaction etc. Every business is unique in some aspect and Ultimate recognises this when working with you. As a brand positioning agency, we will never dictate your brand strategy, but rather work in collaboration. We work to elevate brands and everything we do starts and ends with you.

Positioning Your Brand for Results

Every brand is engaged in brand positioning, although not always consciously. By simply existing as a brand, consumers are going to form opinions about you, positive or negative. It can be difficult to shift people’s perceptions of a brand once they’ve been established so actively engaging with your brand positioning is imperative. By having a brand positioning statement or brand strategy, you are intelligently thinking about how you influence people’s awareness of the company.

At Ultimate, we will help you build your brand strategy by focusing on four key areas: your market position, your product/service, your audience and your promise. We will determine the role your company currently plays in the industry, identifying whether you are perceived as being high quality or the best value option, the cheap alternative or the market leaders, and so forth.

From this we’ll focus on the product. What unique value does your product/service provide that makes it attractive to customers? This value proposition is intrinsically tied up with your brand promise. A brand is essentially a promise to consumers that they can expect a specific product, quality and personality when they choose to interact with you. As a company, you should be actively shaping these expectations through your brand positioning, with concrete data to back up any claims you make.

Obviously, the audience are a major part of the brand strategy. In identifying your target audience, you need to strike a balance between generalisation and being so specific that you inadvertently ignore potential consumers. As a rule of thumb, you should consider both the demographics and attitude of the audience.

Putting this level of thought into your brand positioning will ultimately give you a competitive advantage. More effective communication and engagement with public perception of the brand will pay dividends.

Act for Wildlife Brand Repositioning Case Study


Act for Wildlife is a community of conservation experts and enthusiasts, led by Chester Zoo.  Ultimate’s mission was to reposition the Act for Wildlife by exploring and defining it’s core values.



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At Ultimate we believe new projects should be undertaken with great amount of consideration and vigilant planning and research. You can be assured everything we do, will be the best for you and your brand and not what is best for us!