We’re no ordinary branding agency. At Ultimate, we fuse creativity with clear-headed commercial judgement to develop brands which stand out from the crowd. We’ve earned an enviable reputation among some of the UK’s leading brands, having delivered original creative solutions which resonate strongly with their target audiences. What can we do for you?

Corporate Branding

Meaningful corporate branding is crucial to any company. A successful brand builds recognisability and trust among your target audience. At Ultimate, we fuse creativity with clear-headed commercial judgement to develop brands which stand out from the crowd. We build brands with an eye to the future, providing you with long term solutions to ensure a lasting brand.

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Sometimes your brand just needs a refresh. Ultimate has a tried and tested approach to ensure that the process is as painless as possible. As a branding agency, we ensure that your new brand design remains targeted, cohesive and flexible, as well as aesthetically pleasing.

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Brand Positioning

Brand positioning is all about visibility and recognition. Your brand identity needs to occupy a specific place in consumers’ minds. They should have a clear understanding of the company’s USP compared to its competitors. Ultimate can help you build a brand positioning strategy that tailors your brand to the target audience, their expectations and their emotions.

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Product Branding

Why do people choose to buy specific products repeatedly? Because they have an emotional attachment to them. By blending research and creativity, we brand products in compelling and effective ways. Our designs are impactful and remain true to your brand values and personality, ensuring that customers will keep coming back.

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Marketing Messaging

Underpinning all your marketing activity is your marketing message. A successful campaign is based upon a well-executed message that identifies your product/service and its major benefit. At Ultimate, we hone this messaging to truly convince consumers that you understand their problems, and wish to solve them.

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Branding Guidelines

Branding guidelines are essential to maintaining a strong and recognisable brand. They can be as long and detailed as you need, and cover whatever is important to you. Once in place, they can save you a lot of time and effort with your branding. We will create a set of guidelines that best suit your needs.

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At Ultimate we believe new projects should be undertaken with great amount of consideration and vigilant planning and research. You can be assured everything we do, will be the best for you and your brand and not what is best for us!