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As a multi disciplinary creative agency, we are motivated to explore the breadth of both contemporary and traditional media. As the modern world of marketing is now fully immersed into digital communication, the lure of physical objects and textures is now high in demand, in particular the charm of handmade, craft-based practices.

We recently visited the home of the manchester based paper-craft illustrator Helen Musselwhite, having originally trained as a graphic designer, she has built a long legacy of paper-cut landscapes for a broad range of clients including Cadbury, Nokia, Audi, and the BBC.


Helen offered an immense insight into her creative process. Whilst taking inspiration from the british countryside, she creates layered scenes using various colours, patterns and textures. Our privileged behind the scenes tour of the studio gave us an understanding of how this elegant detail is created through cutting, scoring and folding. Once this unique hand made imagery is created it can be applied across digital media, providing originality, real life depth and textures.

Ultimate believe collaboration enlightens our creative process and allows us to further explore original outcomes and push boundaries. Our staff will then use these new skills to produce the art direction in house, this ensures that creativity is at the heart of everything we do.


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